Friday, September 16, 2011

9/15 Roundup and News

Naver Sports does a super long feature on Masaichi Kaneda. Otherwise known as Kim Kyeong-hong on the peninsula. He was born in Japan, but both his parents were Korean. Kaneda(Kim) was perhaps the most dominant pitcher in the history of the NPB. I might try to beg Simon into doing a full translation because the article is a very in depth look at his career. Pics and video included.

Seoul Sports gives us a feature on retired Lotte ace Choi Dong-won.

Sports Chosun looks at the struggles of the LG Twins.

Osen seems to think Karim Garcia will stay with Hanhwa.

Lotte 12, Hanhwa 7
W - Ryan Sadowski (11-7), L - Kim Hyeok-min (5-12)
Lotte HR - Kang Min-ho (18)
Hanhwa HR - Na Seong-yong (1)

The final score makes it look like Ryan Sadowski got clobbered while earning his 11th W of the 2011 season. Sadowski tossed seven innings(101 pitches, 58 strikes) of two-run baseball. Ryan allowed nine hits and two walks, but managed to strike out four.

It was the shallow end of the Lotte bullpen that came in after Ryan who made this game look a lot closer than it was. Sadowski left the game with a 12-2(!) lead. Lee Myeong-woo and Lee Jae-gon managed to get battered for five runs in the eighth inning.

Lotte DH Hong Seong-heun went 4-4(all singles) with a walk, two RBIs and three runs scored. Left fielder Kim Ju-chan was 3-4 with a double, a steal, two RBIs and two runs scored. Second baseman Cho Seong-hwan went 2-5 with a double and three RBIs.

With this W, Lotte is now six games in back of the Samsung Lions for first place and one game ahead of the third place SK Wyverns.

Nexen 7, Doosan 3
W - Brandon Knight (7-13), L - Kim Sang-hyeon (3-2)
Nexen HR - Park Byeong-ho (11)
Doosan HR - None

In the race to see which of these teams cares less about the remaining schedule, Doosan has built a large, large lead. Doosan wasn't that far away from a playoff spot a few weeks ago. Now? While they're not mathematically eliminated, it's going to be very unlikely for the underachieving Bears to get anywhere near the playoff race.

Nexen pounded the Bears for seven runs with rallies in each of the first four innings. Third baseman Kim Min-woo went 3-4 with a double, a steal, one RBI and two runs scored. First baseman Park Byeong-ho went 2-3 with a homer, two RBIs and two runs scored. Shortstop Kang Jeong-ho chipped in with a 3-4, one double, two RBI and one run effort.

Nexen starter Brandon Knight threw seven innings(109 pitches, 69 strikes) of one-run baseball. Knight gave up five hits and one walk while striking out six.

SK 11, LG 2
W - Goh Hyo-joon (5-7), L -Kim Seong-hyeon (4-9)
SK HR - Park Jin-man (6), Park Jeong-kwon (10)
LG HR - None

The SK offense punished whoever LG was foolish enough to run out to the mound and got just enough pitching and defense to put away the floundering Twins.

SK first baseman Park Jeong-kwon went 2-5 with a homer, three RBIs and two runs scored. Park Jin-man played third base instead of his usual shortstop and went 2-5 with a homer, one RBI and two runs scored.

SK starter Goh Hyo-joon tossed five innings(88 pitches, 49 strikes) of two-run baseball. Goh gave up only four hits, but he walked five while striking out just as many.

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