Friday, October 26, 2007

Korean Series, Game Three

SK 9, Doosan 1
Bears lead the series 2-1

Doosan and SK were battling more than each other last night. They also had to battle a torrential downpour. I've seen games canceled in Daegu for a couple drops, but last night the KBO chose to soldier on and endure the cold temperatures and driving rain all night. SK struck first, putting up 2 runs on a Kim Chae Yun double and a Park Jae Hong infield single.

The game fell apart in the 6th inning for Doosan. 3 errors in the inning helped SK to sustain a 7 run rally. Things also got a little chippy in the sixth when a Lee Hye Chun pitch found its way to Kim Chae Yun's buttocks. Benches cleared, some bad words and general shoving were exchanged, but cooler heads prevailed and only the Doosan pitcher was ejected.

The Hero: SK starter, Mike Romano. He held Doosan to only one run through six innings. He allowed only 5 runners to reach base. He had good command of all his pitches and never made any big mistakes.

The Goat: Doosan Shortstop, Lee Dae Soo. He committed 3 errors in the fifth inning, helping SK to score 7 runs and put the game out of reach. The rain didn't appear to be a factor. Lee's concentration did. He appeared to take his eye off the ball and the first thing we learn in little league is to always keep your eye on the ball. It was like watching the fat kid in gym class playing dodgeball. He's hoping and praying that the ball won't find its way to him, but it always seems to. The ball found Lee three times in the fifth and all three times he gave SK extra outs.

Goat Honorable mention: Doosan pitcher, Lee Hye Chun. After tossing a wild pitch to allow SK to score 2 more runs and take a 9 run lead, he decided to go headhunting. He plunked the next batter, Kim Chae Yun. Kim didn't appreciate the free base and some shouting and shoving insued. Lee got the gate.

The game was over when: Lee Dae Soo started flopping all over himself and tossing balls towards the fans. His three errors weren't really the difference, but it was still a one run game before the disastrous 6th inning.

The next game is Friday a 6pm. Danny Rios looks to give Doosan its 3rd win, while Kim Kwang Hyeon(3-7, 3.62 ERA in 77 innings) tries to even the series for SK.

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