Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lotte Giants Hire Former Brewers Manager


Jerry Royster served as interim manager after the Brewers fired Davey Lopes in 2002. He "guided" the belaugered Brew Crew to a 53-94 record. A team that featured 13 different starting pitchers including such legends as Ben Diggins, Dave Pember, Jimmy Osting and Shawn Slater. Okay, I made one of those names up.

One of the few bright spots for this team was that a 22 year old infielder made his MLB debut in a September cup of coffee. The player wound up being Bill Hall. That was the only thing this team had going for it. Bill Hall's first appearance in the MLB. Although it was the last time we would see Izzy Alcantara in a major league uniform. Okay, two positives.

Anything that creates more interest around the KBO is a good thing. I'm looking forward to the first time Lotte comes to Daegu to play Samsung. I'm curious as to how the players and umpires will respond to a foreigner as a manager. Hopefully, the signing of Royster will pave the way for better foreign talent to come to the KBO.

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