Saturday, January 19, 2008

Not So Fast KBO! KT Withdraws Bid!

The KBO has officially become that not-so-rare combination of greedy and stupid. First, they had a buyer for the Hyundai Unicorns. Construction conglomerate, STX. STX asked that the KBO keep a lid on things until negotiations were finalized. The KBO waited about two seconds before running to the press and blabbing about the proposed deal. Negotiations fell apart months later.

Then, KT makes a bid for a new team based in Seoul. Only to have this happen. I understand where the teams are coming from. It's not fair to Doosan and LG, but the league needs 8 teams and should consider itself lucky that anyone is willing to join the league. None of the teams are profitable or will be profitable in the forseeable future.

With the future of the Unicorns in doubt, the Players Association decided to look out for the best interests of the league, instead of their own best interests. Shocking.

Then we get this announcement. Here's hoping the KBO doesn't screw this up again. The thought of a 7 team league makes my stomach turn. The schedule would be a nightmare.

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