Sunday, March 30, 2008

Season Preview from the Korea Times


It's essentially a fluff piece, but it's a nice primer for new fans of the KBO.

I'm also tossing in my predictions for this year, my completely biased predictions based not on stats, but on what I've observed this offseason and my limited knowledge of the teams playing. Here goes nothing!

1. SK- I like these guys to repeat.
2. Samsung- Too much money and too much talent not to be in the mix this year.
3. Lotte - I like Jerry Royster and I like their roster.
4. KIA
5. Doosan - they'll miss Rios more than they think they will.
6. LG
7. Hanwha - They'll miss Cruz's bat and I don't think Ryu Hyeon-jin will be as effective as he's been in the past.
8. Woori - Unhappy players and penny pinching management are not a good mix for a successful season.

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