Thursday, April 24, 2008

4/23 Roundup and News

Doosan 7, Samsung 0

Happy Birthday, Matt! Oh, you didn't want a lifeless effort from a group of guys trying to leave the stadium as quickly as possible? Sorry. No returns.

This game reminded me so much of last year from the Lions. They looked better on paper, but failed to show up on the field. Samsung starter, Bae Yeong-su allowed a first inning homerun to Choi Jun-seok. Choi was filling in for Doosan slugger, Kim Dong-ju. Kim was announced in the lineup, but scratched before his first at bat. I can't find any info on an injury.

Doosan starting pitcher, Lee Sung-hak, baffled Samsung's bats for 6 2/3 innings(104 pitches, 58 strikes). He allowed only 4 hits and three walks, while striking out 4.

SK 5, Lotte 2

SK is the best team in Asia right now. They play team baseball and are capable of winning even when they're not scoring a ton of runs. They're also a lot of fun to watch.

The story here was the control of Lotte starter, Jang Won-jun. He walked 5 batters in 2/3 of an inning. He also allowed 4 runs on 1 hit. He was given the hook after 32 pitches, only 10 found the strike zone.

Lotte did their best to keep this one close, but the first inning proved to be too devastating. Lotte's Kang Min-ho did at a two-run blast in the 4th inning.

Woori 7, KIA 0

Woori starter, Jang Won-sam, was excellent last night. He tossed a complete game shutout(106 pitches, 69 strikes) while allowing only 4 hits and striking out 10. He dominated this game from the first inning to the 9th.

KIA starter, Jeon Byeong-du, was the opposite of Jang. Jeon pitched only 1 2/3 innings and was charged with 6 runs on two hits(one of them stayed in the park) and 4 walks. Somehow, he managed to strikeout two.

Woori outfielder, Lee Taek-gun, started the scoring in the first inning with a solo homer to leadoff the game. His solo shot proved to be all the scoring Woori would need.

Hanhwa 8, LG 4

LG was cruising to a 4-0 victory when they turned the game over to their bullpen in the 7th. The LG bullpen coughed up 7 runs on 6 hits and three walks. Hanhwa also recieved some help from a generous LG defense.

Hanhwa slugger, Kim Tae-gyun, went 1-3 on the night with 4 RBI and a walk. His 9th inning double proved to be the fatal blow for LG. LG closer, Woo Gyu-min took the loss, but everyone that pitched was responsible for some of the blame last night.

LG cleanup hitter, Choi Dong-su, finished the night 4-4 with a double, two RBI and a walk. LG leadoff man, Lee Dae-hyeong thieved 3 bases while going 1-4 with two walks and two runs scored.

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Brandon67688 said...

Great Blog... I was a big follower of the KBO when I lived in Korea. I even got to play in a couple of minor league games and practiced with the big club. The players are mostly great guys and are much different than the average adojossi. I hope you keep up the great work however, some of games are so deathly boring that may be tough to do...