Thursday, April 3, 2008

KBO Stadium Review: Daegu Stadium(Daegu, SK)

One of the goals I have this season is to visit each ballpark in the KBO. I've already got two(technically three, LG and Doosan share facilities in Seoul) out of the way. The first installment, is probably the worst stadium in Korea and the closest to me. I live in Daegu. I'm a Lions fan. I loathe the stadium.

Surface: Currently turf, but originally grass. The nastiest, brownest grass I have ever seen.
Capacity: 13,000 I don't believe this for a second. Even with standing room, I'd be impressed to see 10,000 people squeeze in.
Dimensions: Left 311 ft. Center field 383 ft. Right 311 ft.
Year constructed: 1981, I believe this is the last of the KBO stadiums from the inaugural year. It's strange seeing replays of old games on TV. Change the clothes and the haircuts and it's essentially the same place.

Food and Concessions:

The choices in Daegu are limited at best.

Alcohol is cheap and easily found. Beers are 2,000 won(roughly $2), but only domestic is available. Unless you bring your own, the best you can do is Max Prime. MP isn't nearly as offensive as some Korean beers are, but you're better off stopping at E-Mart and grabbing a six pack of something imported. Soju is 3,000 won(roughly $3) and is your best bet if the game is awful and you want to get viciously tanked.

The food outside the park is a lot cheaper and a little more exciting than the food inside the park. Ramen is usually the weapon of choice for most Koreans. The only real concession stand is a chicken stand on the "concourse" of the first base side. A reasonably large box of chicken is 10,000 won(roughly $10). It's enough for a couple or one starving fan.

FamilyMart has three "locations" inside the park which offer most drinks and snacks that can be found in most convenience stores. The only item of note is the dried squid.

The area outside the park has a few cheaper options. Gimbap is in large supply and for 2,000 won(again roughly $2) is one of the healthier choices one can make. Chicken outside the park is about half price of that inside the park, but it's of questionable origins.

The one souvenir stand isn't nearly as impressive as the massive stands in Seoul. I also wish I could find authentic merch instead of the crappy replica stuff, but everything is reasonably priced. I'd rather pay 40,000 won for a replica jersey than the $100 plus I'd pay at an MLB stadium.


I believe parking is free, but space is very limited. You're better off taking the subway and walking or getting a taxi.


As far as I can tell, there are two sections. General admission for 6,000 won and a special seating area behind home plate for 8,000 won. I usually sit behind home plate. It's a covered section, so you're protected from the elements....mostly and seats are assigned. This is where it feels the most like seeing a game back in Chicago at Wrigley Field. Not because of old timey scoreboards, ivy or drunken frat guys, but because of the massive pillars that support the press box and make the site lines awful. For 30,000 won you can get table seating for 4 with waitstaff service. The tables are a little farther away from the pillars and closer to the field. It's worth getting if you have enough people.

Along the third base side of the general admission area is where the Samsung cheering section sits. The away fans sit along the first base line. Families and casual observers usually populate the outfield. The only time I've ever seen the outfield full is during the weekends and playoffs. If you want to be unmolested, sit in the outfield. If you're looking for some excitement, squeeze into the cheering section.

I've also been told that there is also a special beer section, but I can't seem to get any definitive answers. Supposedly, the deal is for 5,000 won you get a free beer for each run the Lions score.

The team does offer discounts for seniors and children. Also, some weekends are free. That's right. Free baseball. Complete pricing information can be found here.


Cramped. It's not easy to move around in the stadium because of the narrow aisles and concourses.

Local fans, for the most part, are friendly and helpful. I've been given inning long pronunciation lessons because my western tongue has difficulty making sounds in Korean.

The cheering section is a lot of fun and some the best times I've had at a ballpark have been muddling my way through some of the cheers.


One word. Disgusting.

Interesting Features:

None. This is as sterile as sterile can be. If the question is, "What is the most boring way to construct a ballpark?" Daegu Stadium is the answer.

They have added a record zone for Samsung lifer Yang Jun-hyeok. Last season he collected his two thousandth hit and a large board is on display in right field to commemorate that event and every hit he collects.

Final Grade and thoughts: D-

The only reason this isn't an F is because it's terribly cheap to make it into a game and drink yourself stupid.

Korea's most expensive team needs a new stadium. Supposedly there has been talk of a domed structure somewhere outside the city, but I'll believe it when I see it.

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Eujin said...

Are you going to keep doing this? It's getting a bit late to visit all the ballparks this season.

The best baseball stadium in Korea is Munhak for seating and design. There's a kiddies train at Munhak and all sorts of family entertainment. It's probably the most like a US ballpark.

You can get KFC and Burger King at Jamsil. The seats at Jamsil are too far from the field though. They have all the merchandise shops, as you say, and it's right outside the subway station.

There's always Sajik if you like Boney M, but you'd have to like Boney M every inning. And of course it's almost always full. When I tried to go there once the game had been moved to Masan, despite what it said in the KT (do not trust the KT).

Mokdong (Uri) is OK. Decent sized roof, but rarely anyone there. There are no seats behind the outfield. Food is a bit hard to come by.

Gwangju (KIA) is mainly open and not on the metro. Probably the smallest in the KBO if I am guessing. There are a bunch of apartment blocks that get a good free view of every game along the 1st base side.

Daejeon (Hanwha) is also not on the metro and is a hefty walk from the KTX station. There are little stalls all the way around the outfield at Daejeon.

I haven't been to anyone of the guest stadiums. Doosan played some games in Jeju City this year and Lotte have played in Masan.