Thursday, May 15, 2008

5/15 Roundup and News

I can't believe I missed this. Park Chan-ho has gone 7 innings without allowing a homerun. Good for him.

The Joongang Daily has an interview with professional scout, Aaron Shinsano of the EWC. Check it out.

Speaking of the EWC, ouch.

Getting rowdy in Busan. Family atmosphere indeed.

Woori 4, LG 0

This was a case of inept batting rather than a case of great pitching. LG is just not very good at scoring runs. Woori starter, Kim Su-kyeong(3.09 ERA, 2-1, 1.20 WHIP), tossed 6 scoreless innings(97 pitches, 60 strikes) allowing only 3 hits and two walks while striking out 2. He wasn't exactly overpowering. Woori's Hwang Jae-gyun(.286/.320/.357) gets the game ball for driving in two runs while going 2-4 with a double.

Doosan 8, SK 3

Usually, SK/Doosan games are my favorites to watch. The play is intense, but not vengeful. Both teams seem to bring out the best in each other and there appears to be a genuine rivalry forming. Both teams are young, have a playoff history and are close in proximity. It's a natural fit. As I was saying, I usually enjoy these games, but last night was the exception. It was a sloppy, drawn out affair with an inevitable outcome. I actually caught myself flipping to the LG/Woori game.

Doosan's Kim Hyeon-su(.378/.455/.497, 27 RBI, 22 runs scored) had a great game at the plate last night. Almost every time he came to bat he had an opportunity to drive in runs and more often than not, he capitalized. Kim finished the night 4-5 with a double, 3 RBI and one run scored. Kim Dong-ju(.286/.403/.454, 6 HR) added a "Pilin' On" homer in the 9th.

The only Wyvern that noticed a game was going on was Park Kyeong-won(.308/411/.479). Park finished the night 2-5 with a homer, two RBI and one run scored.

KIA 10, Hanhwa 4

You wouldn't guess from the final, but Hanhwa actually held a lead in this one. The Eagles lead 3-1 heading into the 7th, but starter Yang Hoon(5.89 ERA, 3-3, 1.51 WHIP)ran out of gas and the Hanhwa bullpen crapped the bed. Batting from the 9th slot, KIA's Wilson Valdez(.229/.271/.305) went 2-4 with 4 RBI. KIA's Lee Hyeon-gun(.262/.310/.355) also went 2-4 with a double, 3 RBI and two runs scored.

The big bat for Hanhwa was Kim Tae-gyun(.294/.398/.667!, 11 HR 31 RBI)). Kim went 2-4 with a homer, 3 RBI and one run scored.

Samsung 5, Lotte 3

This was actually a fairly wild one.

The Lions held a 3-1 lead heading into the 9th. Naturally, they brought in their 9th inning hammer, Oh Seung-hwan(11 saves, 2.81 ERA, 1.06 WHIP), to nail the game down. Oh surrendered 4 hits, all singles, and allowed the Giants to tie the game at 3. Fast forward to the top of the 12th, Samsung warm body, Park Jong-ho(.233/.292/.256 in only 43 AB's), clubbed a two-run double off of Lotte reliever, Kim Il-yeop(4.96 ERA, 3 holds, 1.59 WHIP). Samsung reliever, Jeong Hyeon-wook(3.79 ERA, 3-2, 1.45 WHIP) pitched all 3 extra innings to be credited with the W.

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