Friday, June 27, 2008

6/26 Roundup and News

Hit for the cycle, get your picture on my blog. Those are the rules.

Lotte cheerleaders work the locals into a froth at Masan stadium.

The EWC discusses the prospects of two slugging Korean third basemen leaving for greener pastures.

LG 20, Samsung 1

W - Bong Jung-geun (7-5), L - Wes Obermueller (6-6)

I'm assuming that they forgot to broadcast the game last night and just showed a replay of LG's batting practice session.

That's it. I've given up on these guys. I'm not even pretending this team will sneak into the playoffs anymore. 20 runs. How am I supposed to believe a team that allowed 20 runs to freaking LG is going to do anything for the rest of the year. This was a "Wheels-falling-off" Game. Every pitch found the fat part of the strike zone and every hit found a hole.

Where to start with the roundup? I dunno, hmmm, THE LG OFFENSE?!?!?! It would be easier to tell you who DIDN'T have a big night last night. LG outfielder, Park Yeong-taek finished 3-6 with a homer, 5 RBI and 3 runs scored. Ahn Ji-yeong hit for the cycle while also driving in 5 and scoring 3. LG DH Choi Dong-su finished 2-4 with a homer, only 4 RBI and 2 runs scored. Just an ugly effort from Samsung. LG got on Wes Obermueller early and often. Then, the got on reliever, Kim Sang-su, even more often(11 runs! in 2 1/3 innings!).

LG starter, Bong Jung-guen, pitched well, but it can't be that difficult to pitch with an 18 run lead! Bong worked 5 innings(84 pitches, 50 strikes) allowing 1 run on 4 hits and 4 walks and he struck out 2.

Samsung's Son Ji-hwan was the tallest midget last night. He went 2-4 with an RBI double.

SK 3, Lotte 1
W - Kenny Rayborn (3-1), L - Jang Won-joon (5-6), S - Jeong Woo-ram (3)

Kenny Rayborn continued his return to last year's form last night in Masan. The foreign starter worked 5 innings(68 pitches, 44 strikes) of 1 run(unearned), 2 hit, 1 walk baseball. SK outfielder, Lee Jin-yeong, hit a key RBI single in the 5th inning to give SK the lead. SK tacked on a 9th inning insurance run with an RBI single from Kim Kang-min. Lee Dae-ho had a two-hit evening, but got little help from anyone else in the Lotte lineup. Lotte starter, Jang Won-joon, deserved better than taking the loss. Jang worked 8 strong innings(126 pitches, 74 strikes) allowing 2 runs on 6 hits and 4 walks with 5 K's.

Doosan 7, Woori 2
W - Lee Jae-woo (7-0) L - Park Joon-su (0-2)

The story in this game was Doosan starter, Kim Myeong-jae. Kim worked 7 innings(95 pitches, 65 strikes) allowing 2 runs on 7 hits and 1 walk with 2 K's. He kept his team in the game long enough for the mighty Doosan O to get to the embattled Woori bullpen. Woori tied the game in the top of the 8th on an RBI single from outfielder, Song Ji-man. In the bottom of the 8th, the Woori bullpen collapsed. Woori reliever, Park Joon-su was stuck with the loss, but it was Song Shin-yeong that allowed most of the damage to be done. He came in during the 8th inning with 1 run already plated. He allowed Doosan to load the bases and he allowed Doosan warm body, Jeong Won-seok, to unload them with a grand slam.

KIA 4, Hanhwa 1
W - Lee Dae-jin (3-8), L - Choi Yeong-pil(4-5)

KIA rode solid pitching and D combined with just enough offense to get the W last night. KIA starter, Lee Dae-jin, worked 5 strong innings(78 pitches, 47 strikes) of 4 hit, 1 walk baseball. Lee also recored 2 K's. KIA third baseman, Kim Seon-bin had a three-hit evening, while Lee Yong-gyu and Lee Jong-beom both drove in runs during a 2-run 5th inning that proved to be the difference on the scoreboard. Hanhwa foreign sensation, Doug Clark, Kim Tae-gyun and Lee Beom-ho finished a combined 3-12 with no extra base hits, RBI's or runs scored.

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