Tuesday, August 5, 2008

All Star Roundup and News

The KBO's All Star Game was last sunday. I wanted to do a full write up of the game, but if the KBO isn't going to attempt to take this seriously, neither am I.

For a better write up, check out Aaron at the EWC. I found myself fairly frurstrated by the way this was put together. First, I couldn't figure out why they were doing an East vs. West set up with teams that where not necessarily in the east or in the west. I was terribly confused. Why not just keep it Seoul/Incheon vs. the other 4 cities or better yet, the previous year's champ vs. the best players from the other 7 teams. Then, they stopped the game in the 5th inning for a homerun contest. The goal was to make these 9 innings as long and as excruciating as possible. Third, no one seemed to really care. Neither the players or the fans seemed to really care. So, why should I?

The Joongang Ilbo was fairly critical of the affair, but for different reasons.

Can the Olympics start now?

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