Tuesday, September 16, 2008

9/11 Roundup and News

I'm terribly sorry. I took the weekend off for Chuseok and didn't say anything. I went to Fukuoka. Doing anything is difficult in Korea during Chuseok and I always try to escape.

The plan is as follows. A quick update for Thursday. An abbreviated weekend roundup and then back to regular scheduled programming plus a few extras I've been working on. Stadium reviews(I've written two, but they need to be cleaned up before posting) and year end awards will be among the extras.

As far as Cliff Brumbaugh....I've been able to dig up this. It sounds like he's nursing an injury of some type, but my translation skills aren't good enough to tell you what kind. Best I could do.

The Joongang Daily offered up another excellent look inside the KBO. The article focuses on Choi Hee-seop and his, erm, struggles.

The Korea Times tells us that Lee Seung-yeop is back. They also tell us that SK is the best team in the KBO. Also, air is good and smoking may or may not cause health problems in some individuals.

I can't believe Samsung might be able to sneak into the playoffs as the 4th seed. They're 1 1/2 games up on Hanhwa. The exact same amount that my beloved White Sox are up on the hated Twinkies.

On to the very, very abbreviated roundup....

Hanhwa 5, LG 1
W - Ryu Hyeon-jin (13-6), L - Chris Oxspring (10-9)

Samsung 3, Doosan 1
W - Bae Yong-su (8-8), L - Matt Randel (7-9), S - Oh Seung-hwan (36)

SK 3, KIA 1
W - Chae Byeong-yong (9-2), L - Yang Hyeon-jong (0-4)

Lotte 5, Woori 4
W - Son Min-han (11-3), L - Kim Su-hyeong (3-5), S - Choi Hyeong-nam (9)

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