Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9/9 Roundup and News

Baek Cha-seung enjoyed a quality start on Monday.

The Joongang Daily offers some thoughts on the Doosan Bears and the extra innings issue. Well worth a read.

On to the round up...

LG 2, Hanhwa 0
W - Bong Jung-geun (10-8), L - Kim Hyeok-min, S - Lee Jae-yeong (1)

Calling Dr. Bong to the operating room! Dr. Bong! The LG ace cut through the Hanhwa lineup like a surgeon through Kim Jeong-il. The good doctor worked 7 1/3 innings of shutout baseball(127 pitches, 73 strikes) allowing only 1 hit and 3 walks while striking out 8. LG, erm, "rallied" for 2 runs in the 7th inning. Lee Bong-gyu delivered and RBI triple and later scored on an RBI single from Park Kyeong-su. That was all the offense LG would need or get in this one.

Samsung 2, Doosan 0
W - John Ennis (1-1), L - Jeong Jae-hoon (2-3), S - Oh Seung-hwan (34)

Where were you when John Ennis claimed his first KBO victory? I was sitting in the centerfield seats at Daegu's Citizen Ballpark. I'm not stalking this guy, I swear. It's just been sheer luck that I happen to see him twice. I'm starting to worry about Samsung. The baseball they've been's...been entertaining for about 5 consecutive games now. Fast paced, low scoring, reasonably well played. Competent. What happened to the 4-hour long, 9-4 snooze fests with 14 pitching changes? What's going on here? Either way, Ennis showed up fully rested and had excellent command on his heater and change. He worked 6 shutout innings(82 pitches, 55 strikes) allowing only 3 hits and 1 walk with 5 K's. Samsung drew first blood on a 2-run double off the bat of Park Seok-min and that was all they needed to claim their 3rd consecutive W. Hey! Winning streak, man!

SK 8, KIA 0
W - Kim Kwang-hyeon (14-4), L - Lee Beom-seok (7-9)

8-0 makes this final sound close. The final might as well have been 80-0 with KIA's performance last night. I think I saw the pitching coach come out to the mound carrying his golf bag last night. These guys are ready for a relaxing winter vacation in Guam. SK ace, Kim Kwang-hyeon, was excellent last night. He breezed through 8 innings of work(100 pitches, 67 strikes) allowing only 2 hits and 1 walk with 3 K's. He faced 1 over the minimum for 8 innings. Back to back throwing errors lead to the first SK run. On the replay of the 2nd error, if you look close enough, you can actually SEE the pitcher think, "I'm NOT going to throw this into the 2nd row! ...damn." KIA followed the infield adventures by allowing SK's Park Jae-hong to put a ball into the seats in rightfield. I say seats because there wasn't a fan sitting in that half of the outfield. Things got worse from there. Moving on...

Lotte 4, The Heroes 3
W - David Cortes (2-0), L - Jo Yong-hoon (1-6)

The Heroes tied the game at 3 in the 8th inning on a dramatic solo homer from the bat of Heroic outfielder, Kang Jeong-ho. The euphoria brought on by the blast would not last for long. In the bottom of the 9th, Lotte's Kim Joo-chan drew a leadoff walk, but he was caught stealing on the very next pitch. Giants outfielder, Lee Seung-hwa, ripped a double off the wall in right field that would have ended the game if anyone was on base. The Heroes called on Shingo Takatsu to save the day. It was the Heroic Shingo vs. the Giant, Jo Seong-hwan. Jo lined a 1-1 pitch into centerfield for a base hit, Lee sprinted home and slid in under the tag. Giants win on a walk off single against Shingo. I'm starting to remember why he was released by the White Sox. Shingo giveth and he taketh away.

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