Friday, October 10, 2008

KBO Playoffs Round 1, Game 2 Roundup and News

I guess getting beaten 12-3 brings out the ugly. Hat tip to Aaron at the EWC. The Joongang Daily offers a similar, but more scathing, account of the events in Busan. I know last nights' game was stopped during the 6th inning due to a disturbance behind the Lions dugout. I guess now we know why.

The Korea Times and Joongang Daily offer their version of last nights events.

On to the roundup...

"1 more win. 1 more win."

Samsung 4, Lotte 3
W - Jeong Hyeon-wook, L - Kang Yeong-shik, S - Oh Seung-hwan
Samsung leads 2-0

Where did this come from? I thought Lotte was unbeatable at Fortress Sajik? How did the Lions with their questionable pitching, not quite ready for prime time offense and bored manager manage to beat the mighty Giants? Twice. In thier own stadium. The simple answer is patience. Lotte has taken an agressive, swing-first-ask-questions-later approach to hitting, while the Lions have actually taken the advice of their old Little League coach. "Wait for your pitch." Last night, the Lions received 7 walks and 1 HBP. On Wednesday, it was 6 walks and 1 HBP. The Giants, in comparison, have drawn exactly 2 walks in the first two games.

Last night, starters John Ennis and Son Min-han both tried to put me to sleep. Ennis threw 73 pitches(44 strikes) during his 2 2/3 innings of work. It took Son 95 pitches to throw 4 2/3 innings. The early innings...took a while.

Samsung got the party started right with a seeing-eye, RBI single from Jo Dong-chan in the 2nd inning. Lotte answered right back in the 3rd inning with an RBI single from Lee Dae-ho. Samsung struck again in the 4th inning. 1st baseman, Chae Tae-in clubbed a solo homer into the right field seats to give Samsung a 2-1 advantage. Samsung loaded the bases with 2 out in the top of the 5th, but Lotte reliever Kang Yeong-shik used a nasty breaking ball to strike out Choi Hyeong-woo to end the threat. Lotte tied the game in the 5th inning on a groundball from Jo Seong-hwan. Jo didn't record an RBI because he grounded into a double play or as I like to call it a "Paul Konerko Special." The score remained tied at 2 until the top of the 7th inning. With the bases loaded and 1 out, Jerry Royster brought in Choi Hyang-nam to get Lotte out of the jam. Samsung shortstop, Park Jin-man, slapped a double off the wall in left to score 2 runs and give Samsung a 2-run advantage.
Samsung closer, Oh Seung-hwan, came out to pitch the 8th inning. He put the Giants down without much of a fight. Oh stayed out for the 9th inning. Things got interesting. Lotte's Kim Min-seong lead off with a base hit up the middle. Oh got Park Ki-hyeok to line out to right. One out. Then, Lotte's Kim Joo-chan clubbed a double into the gap in left center to drive in Kim and put the tying run in scoring position with 1 out. The next batter, Lee In-koo struck out swinging for the 2nd out. Lotte's Jo Seong-hwan hit a scorching line drive to right.....but it was caught for the 3rd out. High fives all around for Samsung.

The next game is Saturday at 2pm in Daegu. Starting pitchers haven't been announced yet. I'm assuming its Jang Won-joon for Lotte and Lee Sang-mok for Samsung.


Aaron said...

So that's "one more game" eh?
It should be fun to watch the series head back to Daegu. I know everyone tries to downplay the violence, but it sure makes it interesting. I'm sure Samsung fans are going to have something up their sleeve.
Can you imagine if they hit Karim Garcia in the head with a waterbottle?

Eujin said...

What do you think the chances of getting tickets for game in Daegu are like? Presumably there won't be many on sale on the day of the game.

If the Lions get though I might have to think seriously about coming down to Daegu to watch Doosan and get abused by druken westerners who spend too much time writing blogs about baseball.