Friday, December 12, 2008

KBO Announces Golden Glove Winners, Hong Quits Baseball for a Boyband

At least, that's what this photo leads me to believe.

The best part is, Hong is the only one with a ridiculous suit.

Everyone else showed up with a normal jacket, shirt and tie combo. Was he on his way to his night job at a restaurant and he couldn't change? Does he not have a girlfriend or a wife to talk him out of stuff like this? Did he lose a bet?

Either way, this year's Golden Gloves are as follows...

P - Kim Kwang-hyeon, SK Wyverns
C - Kang Min-ho, Lotte Giants
1B - Kim Tae-hyun, Hanhwa Eagles
2B - Cho Sung-hwan, Lotte Giants
3B - Kim Dong-ju, Doosan Bears
SS - Park Ki-hyeok, Lotte Giants
OF - Karim Garcia, Lotte Giants
OF - Kim Hyeon-su, Doosan Bears
OF - Lee Jong-wook, Doosan Bears
DH - Hong Sung-hoon, Doosan Bears

The KBO Golden Gloves are not for fielding, but an award for the best individual season at each position.

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