Monday, February 23, 2009

KBO Announces the Official WBC Roster, Park Jin-man is Ready to Cry

Not baseball related, but another awesome hit from the ESL superstars, the EV Boyz. Part of me wants to take these guys to a game, but I'm a little worried that they'd be they guys sprinting around the bases after the 6th inning.

Either way, the KBO has announced its roster for the WBC. The only real surprise is that Park Jin-man was left off. As recently as today, it was reporter that Park would be on the roster.

It's never a good sign when a shortstop is walking around with a massive ice bag on his shoulder, even if he is in high spirits. This pic was obviously taken before the roster was announced. Park had this to say...

"I was in really bad shape, so I felt heavy-hearted during team practice.''

To be fair, he's played on every incarnation of the Korean national team since 1998. That's over a decade of not having to worry about shortstop. My beloved White Sox should be so lucky.

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