Saturday, February 7, 2009

You Guys Are Called What Now???

I've been trying to do some research on everyone's favorite sponsorless team, "The Heroes."

As best I can tell, they're going to continue into '09 without a sponsor. They have a team website now, but they use this logo...

That's right. The Seoul Heroes. Also, while checking out the team's wikipedia page, I found this...

"The Heroes are known throughout Seoul for the largest foreign fan base in the Korean Baseball League. These dozen fans, the majority of whom are English teachers, are feared by rival teams and fans because of their drunk and belligerent behaviour. As a result of their antics they have been nicknamed "The Dirty Dozen". The group caused controversy in March 2007 when one member, nicknamed Stainy, streaked across the field during and tried to tackle the Samseoung Tiger's mascot. Despite their reputation of being drunkards, the group is beloved in Mok-Dong because of their impeccable and extensive baseball knowledge."

Only a few issues with this. 1. I highly doubt the Heroes have a large foreign fanbase. I doubt they have a large fanbase at all. 2. The Woori Heroes were still called the Hyundai Unicorns in 2007. 3. Who are the Samsung Tigers? 3. In March of 2007? Team's are still playing exhibitions in March and the crowds are more sparse than usual. 4. I honestly have no memory of foreign dickbags streaking across the field during a Heroes game. 5. This was probably written by "Stainy."

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Aaron said...

That's dumb. Someone is screwing around on Wikipedia. Lame.
Changing their name to Seoul does have it's appeal. I have bad memories of the name Woori. It'd be even better if they changed it to the Mokdong Heroes.