Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kim Tae-gyun Sounds Waaaay Too Excited to Leave the KBO

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"I'm going overseas next year!" - The Returning Kim Tae-kyun

You can say that this baseball player is the 4th best hitter in the country. Kim Tae-kyun, 4th batter in the Hanhwa Eagles lineup, has hit a home run in each of his last 4 games after his return from injury. But what he is saying now is a blow of equal proportions. Kim is talking about playing abroad as he is scheduled to gain free agency status this year.

Kim Tae-kyun's thoughts on..

World Baseball Classic Hero..
"It is the dream of all Korean athletes to play overseas.."

What comes to mind when it is time to be a hero..
"Loss of concentration.."

A good return from injury..
"A good effort will result in a playoff spot.."

Results now are very good but..
"My health has gotten a lot better but I would like to become 100% again.. I'm at 80% now.."

What exactly the symptoms of a concussion are..
"Mainly loss of strength and energy.. you become dizzy and don't want to move.."

The plans for going overseas after you become a free agent..
"I want to play on a bigger stage. All athletes are like that. Getting back to 100% and helping out my team is my goal now.. but after that I'll be thinking more about going overseas."

What comes to mind between you and the other WBC players? A WBC ghost story?
"We trained harder than usual and becamed fatigued easier too. I wonder if it was worth it when we had to play a full season right after it."

Goals for the rest of the season..
"Our team's not doing very well but we won't give up. We'll try our best to get into a playoff spot. I would like for us to keep trying our best to the end."

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westbaystars said...

I calculate Kim needing to play in 36 more games this season to become a free agent (as of end of play on July 15). Is there any chance his manager will only allow him to play in 35 after these statements?