Friday, November 6, 2009

New Haircuts For All!

From left to right. Doosan 2nd baseman Goh Yeong-min, Doosan left fielder Kim Hyeon-su, KIA ace Yoon Seok-min, KIA center fielder Lee Yong-gyu and Hanhwa ace Ryu Hyeon-jin.

I guess they wanted to hang out and talk about their new, goofy haircuts. Ryu was known for the long flowing locks sticking out from under his hat. I think he thought short hair would make him look slimmer. He thought wrong.

Welcome to the KBO off season. A few new managers, a few free agents and lots of pictures of guys randomly hanging out or getting married. KBO Fever! Catch it!


LastnameKim said...

Maybe it's just me getting old, but I find it odd how these guys look so old and mature on the field with their uniforms but when I see their casual pics they look so dang young.

Sim'on 2057 said...

looks like the X-men. From left to right: Wolverine, Cyclops, Iceman, The funny blue guy with the tail, Collosus (sp)

Dave said...

Yoon Suk Min is on the far left and Lee Yong Gyu is in the center. Dunno about the other guys though.