Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Odds and Ends...

This first free agent signing of the 2009/10 off season happened yesterday. KIA catcher Kim Sang-hoon a 1 year deal for 225 million won(about 200k American) to return with the Tigers..

The Korea/Japan Club Championship takes place in Nagasaki on Saturday November 14th at 1 PM Korea time. The KBO champion KIA Tigers will face the NPB champion Yomiuri Giants. I have no idea who is pitching or who will play. It's too bad the Asian Series went belly up. It was cool watching some of the best talent in Asia actually face each other and at least pretend to care. I'm not sure what kind of effort we can expect at this "Club Championship."

It sounds like Lee Beom-ho wants to stay with Hanhwa. I guess the Hanhwa brain trust wants to win 30 games instead of 20.

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