Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Doosan Bears Unveil New Uni's, Foreign Pitchers

I'm not a big fan. I actually liked their old uni's, but if it means that we don't have to see these any more, well, then I'm all for the new uni's. I think the text on the home whites is a little goofy. I would have gone with a cursive script, instead of the goofy block letters or the giant crest on the road jersey, but I'll have to see them on the field before I form an opinion. I'm a little surprised that Doosan chose to rework their uniforms. I thought their old look was one of the stronger designs in the KBO. I can't find any information on how this will impact their use of the OB Bears-style uniforms they wore last season.

Doosan has also added Kelvin Jiminez and Les Walrond to their rotation for 2009. Les spent 2009 with the NPB's Yokohama Bay Stars, while Kelvin Jiminez enjoyed a full season at the AAA affiliate of my beloved White Sox. The fact that he couldn't crack the Sox bullpen speaks volumes.

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Sim'on 2057 said...

I like these new uniforms, the old yellow and blue colorway was just unappealing. And I'm a bit of a fan of neat looking logos. Definitely like the new block text logo on both jerseys.

And those two pitchers have losing records in scattered minor league careers. I hope they do well, but it'll be nicer to get some more pitchers with major league success. Seo and Hee on Kia came here.. non-Koreans can be brought in too.