Wednesday, January 27, 2010

LG Twins Pitcher Experimenting with a Knuckler?

This has me all excited to actually watch this live. I've always thought that the knuckle ball could be effective in the KBO. Former LG Twin Chris Oxspring was known to throw one on occasion, but it sounds like LG Twins pitcher Kim Kyeong-tae is going to start using one.

Kim, 34, is clearly using a knuckle ball grip in this photo and in the video provided here, is throwing a knuckler during BP. Kim is a career journeyman in his 2nd stint with LG. For his career, Kim has a 5.24 ERA, a 7-7 record and 2 saves in pieces of 10 KBO seasons. He's coming off a year in which he posted a 7.00 ERA. Trying a new pitch couldn't exactly hurt his career.


Dan said...


I think Kim's over in Japan now in Indy ball. I skimmed the article, so not sure, but a Korean reader on my site said that's where he was this year.

Would love to see some more Korean knuckleballers.

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