Thursday, March 11, 2010

KBO Tries to Shorten Game Times, Daegu-based Blogger Rejoices

HT to Korea Beat. The Original Korean language article can be found here.

Only good things can come from forcing pitchers to throw a pitch in 12 seconds. The faster pace should make for better, more fan friendly games. Usually, a faster paced game means that the players will be more into the game. Fielders hate standing around and watching. I might actually get home before 11 PM on a school night. There are few sights more depressing than looking at a scoreboard clock, seeing that it reads "9:30" and realizing it's only the 6th inning.

Whenever this gets brought up, I feel the need to link to my favorite regular season baseball game that I've ever seen live. 99 minutes for a 9 inning game. No greater feeling than watching a full game on a Saturday and still having the entire afternoon to goof off.


corumbg said...

I partially agree! Sometimes it's hard to follow a 4 hour match, and with school/work/university a 2 hour game would be wonderful!

Sim'on 2057 said...

the pessimist in me says this is going to kill some pitching arms.. liberal MLB fans have been wanting this for decades, very curious as to see how it turns out this season in the KBO, if it's a success it may become the standard in all of baseball. but the pessimist in me says this rule could either be scrapped or the 12 second rule lengthened after this season..

Michael S. said...

It's hard to agree with the idea that being at a baseball game can be one of the most depressing things of one's life. I like baseball.

Matt said...

@Michael S.

I'm going to come off as a bigger dick than usual by writing this, but try sitting through a 4 hour+ ballgame in Daegu's ratbox stadium and then tell me it's not depressing.

jrocke217 said...

is there any way you could put together a list of former major league and minor league baseball players that are playing in the kbo?