Saturday, April 10, 2010

From the Korean Message Boards

Garcia could have hit for the cycle.

Korean readers in the place can receive untold amounts of enjoyment going through the many and heavily populated message boards/blog sites/fan sites dedicated in the native language of the KBO.

For those of us not yet up on the local lingo, I bring you translations of some fascinating comments posted up by Koreans on said sites.

In no order:

Lotte fan commenting on yesterday's loss: "Defense was good last night he he he. We should find some comfort in that (crying emoticon). But... we played a great game with no errors."

Hanhwa fan: "Is the game going on tonight??"

Random fan: "Is it raining in Sajik Stadium (Busan)? It better not be raining." Response: "Nah, it's not raining." Random fan: "Thanks. he he he"

Tigers fan: "Doosan's definitely a strong team. But Samsung's not for certain yet. We'll have to wait and see."

Twins fan: "The line was supposed to be drawn with us. Looks like things have changed. Looks like we're going to be hearing a lot about how we're going to be chasing the chickens this year (Hanhwa Eagles)."

Random fan: "Think Hanhwa will win today? I'm playing Proto today (Korean sports betting). I'm picking Hanhwa (playing Lotte), LG (playing Doosan) , SK (playing Nexxen), Kia (playing Samsung)."

Samsung fan: "Think our imports are any good? he he. I want to get rid of Knight. And Cruceta's not better than Bae Young-su, Jang Won-sam, Yoon Seong-hwan. We're putting too much faith in our imports."

Samsung fan: "My predictions for today. Samsung vs. Kia.. Jeon Tae-hyeon's pitching, need any more explanations? Samsung wins. Hanhwa vs. Lotte.. Ryu Hyeon-jin's pitching, obviously Hanhwa wins. SK vs. Nexxen.. Eun-bum is pitching, hey? Yoon-gyu seems like a role player. Don't want to think too much, SK wins. LG vs. Doosan.. Seo Seung-hwa vs. Lee Jae-woo, you'd think Doosan would win. But LG's the team trying to get out of the tight spot. And their manager came from Doosan. Doosan might look better, but I think LG will take this one."

Lotte fan: "Too bad Garcia didn't hit for the cycle. He could have."

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