Sunday, April 4, 2010

Simon's Week 1 Power Rankings

Personal power rankings for week 1. Send all hate mail my way please.

And as a word of note, power rankings may look legit, but it's just one dude's opinions (mine in this case).

1. SK Wyverns (4-1 last week)

One blowout loss to the Bears on Friday. But good solid baseball all around for the rest of the games. This shows skills and evidence that this team is built to play, and not just to capitalize on the other team's mistakes. SK shares first overall place with Doosan right now, and Doosan has similar numbers. And it's very hard to decide which team is stronger right now.

2. Doosan Bears (4-1)

Almost interchangeable for first place with the Wyverns. Kim Hyun-su's hitting 474, but the Bears can still win scoring 10 runs against SK when Kim doesn't play (like Friday). Similar strong team ERA's and batting averages with SK. I'll give Doosan #2 because Doosan doesn't have a Kim Kwang-hyun (16-4, 2.39 in 2008) lurking in the dugout for a return.

3. Nexxen Heroes (3-2)

Would love to have the Heroes become the Phoenix Coyotes of the 2010 KBO season. Sitting at 3rd in the standings and 3rd in these power rankings, they won 3 times this week, 2 of them blowouts against Lotte and LG. Blowout lost 7-2 to 1st place Doosan before the rain swept away the rest of that series, but lost a close game to LG in their other loss. Kang kui-tae leads the KBO with 8 RBI's after hitting the first grand slam of his life this week. Hopefully Nexxen competes all year.

4. Kia Tigers (3-3)

Slow start to the defending champions, but rebounding fast thanks to the current series against the 해운대 Disaster Giants. Kia's won 3 in a row now, but was unable to blowout Lotte, beating them in close games in games 1 (3-2) and 2 (4-2) of the current series. If you can't blow out a disaster, you're no better than 4th place.

5. Samsung Lions (3-3)

Would have placed higher. But lost to Hanhwa yesterday. Sterling team ERA's against Kia (1 ERA in a 6-1 win) and Hanhwa (1 ERA in a 8-1 win) but gave up 11 runs to the orange team (reported below). There are 2 things you do not do in the KBO. You don't do drugs and you don't give up 10 runs to orange teams. Thing with this team is, there's no stars. Park Suk-min, Lee Yong-ok, Kang Bong-gyu are the top hitters, but I don't think Ryu Hyun-jin's spam calling his mother looking for a shoulder to cry on worried about facing these guys later today.

6. LG Twins (2-3)

Not bad records, but low because this is a small league. Has similar numbers to Nexxen. But they haven't team hit over 300 in any game yet this season. Blowout lost to Nexxen and Samsung (5-14 and 4-9 respectively). There isn't a single player leading in any statistical category, however. Park Yong-taek is a shadow of his former self early with 2 hits in 20 at-bats. Better start working on some of these problems before they get dumped with the 2 teams below.

7. Hanhwa Eagles (2-5)

Everyone likes to make fun of them, but they did win 2 games this week. And Jeong Won-suk is leading the KBO with a 579 batting average. They look really bad when they play, but they don't look a whole lot bad on paper yet. Lee Dae-su, Kim Tae-wan, Choi Jin-heng are all off to decent starts as well and I hope this team, with a nice long tradition, can turn things around this season. Their next series is with Doosan and will be crucial in them beginning to define their season.

8. Haeundae (0-5)

Hard to call a disaster "giants" of any kind. I guess a tsunami can be called a giant disaster. That's exactly what's happening in Busan right now. No wins at all after "dominating" the pre-season. They should have saved some of that dominating for the regular season. Can't hit (haven't scored more than 3 runs in a game yet), can't pitch (34 runs allowed this week), can't field (10 errors this week), can't do a lot. If they can't turn things around in their next two series' against fellow underachievers LG and Hanhwa, Jerry Royster's going to start seeing numbers on uniforms as count downs to his goodbye party on Haedundae Beach. Lee Dae-ho 10, Lee In-gu 9, Jeon Joon-wo 8...


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