Monday, May 10, 2010

Week 6 Power Rankings

1) Nexxen Heroes W/L for week: 4-2

Win/loss not might seem stellar, but this was the team to knock SK off their 17 game winning streak. They took 2 of 3 from SK but better than that they stayed right in their Tuesday loss to SK keeping SK to 3 runs. And if Adrian Burnside's 4 hit 7.1 inning W over KBO ace Kim Kwang-hyun didn't seem impressive, their 13 run bombing of the same team probably impressed you. Plus they won another series, albeit against Hanhwa. One starter after another is giving the team QS's and this team is heading UP in the world of the K-B-O.

2) Kia Tigers: 5-1

Great record but they're beating LG and Hanhwa to get it. It's kind of like getting an empty net goal in the NHL. Pads stats but don't celebrate too much. Unless it's a series winning empty net goal. But it's still early in the season and if your mediocre team can't get things going with the league's elite, these wins will look kind of silly. LG and Hanhwa is bottom 3 in both offence and defense in the KBO. Kia's bottom three in team BA, but is now at #2 in team ERA. But again it's still 3.75 and LG and Hanhwa is what you did to get it.

3) Samsung Lions: 3-3

Solid team doing solidly in the league. Got their heavy contributers (Park Han-yi, Lee Yong-ok, Chae Tae-in and some pitchers), got their role players with average numbers still helping the team win, and they still do get their wins. More consistent than the teams below, Lions have more of a chance to be dangerous on any given night than the teams down there. A couple of boo boos against a Lotte on its game on Tuesday and an SK trying to show off their early May capabilities Saturday. Lions will be riding a playoff spot for a while.

4) Doosan Bears: 3-3

Inconsistent just like the team below, but at least they're high in the standings (second to SK). Letting in 11 and 13 runs one day and 1 or 2 runs another day, and then 14 or 11 and then scoring 1 or 4. This is what Doosan did this week. Doosan has several batters hitting over 300 but only Kim Sun-woo has an ERA under 3.50 (3.40). Doosan is #4 only because they're high in the standings and they didn't do all that bad this week.

5) Lotte Giants: 4-2

Great games mixed with embarrassing ones makes this team way too inconsistent to be dangerous. First they bomb Doosan 11-1, then they get bombed by the same score by Doosan. Their inconsistency has the rhythm of a dance track, just throw your best effort right after they win and you'll get a W out of them. Basically, they have excellent batting (Hong Seong-heun, Lee Dae-ho, and Karim Garcia all over the offensive charts) and very poor pitching (Cho Jeong-hoon is the "ace" with a 3.38 ERA). But good news is some of their pitchers are improving, Song Seung-joon has had two QS's as had Ryan Sadowski, who has kept batters under 1.30 ER's in his last two outings. Plus he finally won a game.

6) SK Wyverns: 2-4

17 wins in a row sound great but that 2 and 4 record does not. Nexxen's streak breaking win seems natural now, but Nexxen was and actually still is a second last place team. Trouble could be on the horizon as only Park Jeong-kwon is hitting over 300 and Katokura, Kim Kwang-hyun, and Song Eum-bum has been exposed as human. Especially Song who ERA'd 8.10 in his last outing against Nexxen. A team's team that plays as a team, this is still not the Jordan-era Bulls type super team that can't lose.

7) LG Twins 2-4

Weak team, weak players, weak logo, weak week. Lose by a little, lose by a lot, when your best hitter is 17th (Lee Jin-yong) and hitting only 298 and your best pitcher has 3 wins (Bong Joong-geun), you kind of get an idea. Offensively, LG is last in hits, doubles, triples, home runs, but hey they're tied for first in stolen bases (46 with Samsung). But you're not stealing home a playoff spot. Playing weak Hanhwa and usually weak Lotte next. Try to get a few wins.

8) Hanhwa Eagles: 1-5

Congrats on shaking an 11 game losing streak on Saturday against a suddenly hot Nexxen. But I guess when you're playing 132 games, you'll win a few. Eagles won't be winning many more with their league almost last leading 219 earned runs (first is Lotte with 223) and... oh yeah they're second last in hits and doubles over LG, but they're second last in team stolen bases. So what does that mean? That means the Hanhwa Eagles Professional Baseball Club of Daejeon Metropolitan City, South Korea, Asia, Earth is last in this week's power rankings.

Westward ho!

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