Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 8 Power Rankings

A rainy week with a lot of canceled games. No team played all 6 games for the KBO week and many just played 3.


SK 2-1

Their embarrassing 16-1 1 hit run loss to Nexxen Tuesday could be considered an off night. Played great baseball in their wins over Nexxen and Hanhwa in their next two games this week. In a league full of mediocrity, sometimes that's enough to get you first place.


LG 3-2

Were on a several game winning streak but that's come to an end with 2 losses over big bros Doosan. Yeah I said it. Lee Dae-young is the only player again on the top of any stat with his league leading 22 stolen bases. Team efforts are great for winning games but sometimes you need stars to get that clutch hit, home run, etc. and there aren't many on this team that can do that. But they did win 3 games.


Lotte 2-1

Pitching's been terrific and consistent. Earned runs for their last three games read 3, 4 and 2. They let in 15 against LG the game before, but you just got to let that go. Consistent strong performances from their very literally heavy hitters in Lotte's batting waistline got this writer thinking this team's a playoff team.


Kia 2-2

A serviceable week for a serviceable team. Win a few, lose a few, blow a few, get blown a few. Hey, they won the Korea Series last year, they can take it easy this season. And regional pride in Gwangju keeps the tickets moving, a win win for Kia.


Hanhwa 2-1

A decent week with a loss to first place SK. Notable team hitters like Song Kwang-min and Choi Jin-heng are sliding deeper and deeper down the charts as are their pitchers - Yoo Won-sang sitting a threatening 13th in league K's and after Ryu, Ahn Yong-myung's the next winningest pitcher with a whopping 3 (three, III, 스리) wins this deep into the season. Ryu Hyun-jin is the exception with an insane 6-2 2.09 record leading the KBO with 64 strike outs.


Doosan 2-3

Blame it on the weather? Only two wins this week and not only that, all 3 losses were to bottom feeders Hanhwa and LG. Things are looking okay as they're on a 2 game mini streak with wins over Jamsil foes LG. They still let in 7 wons in their win last night though. Better watch it Doosan or you'll be joining Kia in the overrated bunch.


Nexen 1-3

Started the week strong thrashing Song Eun-bum led SK 16-1 on the first game of the past week (19th) thanks to an almost no-hitter by future star Go Won-jun . This game they completely shined team hitting over 14 and scoring and letting the numbers you see there. But sinked to mediocrity for the rest of the games after losing 4-9, 3-5, and an embarrassing 3-13 to KBO n00by Roman Colon and the Tigers in foggy Gunsan. The optimist points out the capabilities, the pessimist says no playoffs this year.

In other news, they're rumored to be moving to Ansan in a new seasons.


Samsung 1-2

You're last because you only played 3 games this week. Great team pitching performance against Lotte in the win on the 21st, however. Letting in just 4 hits and 1 earned run. This would be enough to get you out of last place if the world was fair.

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