Monday, June 7, 2010

Week 10 Power Rankings and Thoughts

I am way busy with end-of-year things-to-do so this ranking will have to be very short.

But before, some comments from a second year KBO watcher (me).

I like watching the games a lot, but I find that it becomes a bit monotonous. The KBO system of 4 games every day and players with similar names make things look a little mechanical and dead after a while. For instance, I can't remember which games took place on which days.

I'm ethnic Korean myself but I still can't get very familiar distinguishing one Korean name from another. Every at-bat is from a player with 3 foreign syllables for names. And if they don't do something special, ie be a star in the league, they seem to get lost in the mix.

The games are very fun, at a constant level. There are close games, near no-hitters, blowouts, comebacks, and everything like that. For someone like me who really likes to watch or play sports, the level and competition of the KBO, ie on field product, is very appealing.

But, at times, I can't seem to distinguish between one team from another and how they are unique, not necessarily in terms of their roster and stats but with their history, fan base, fan culture, and stuff like that. But then, from someone from Canada, it's hard to distinguish two American NFL teams playing at times. I don't know if this is just a personal reaction.

Either way, I'm very glad I found this league while I was out here and I'll be following when I go back to Canada.


1) Doosan 4-2.. quality team.

2) SK 4-2.. flashes of its former self.

3) Lotte 4-2.. sweeping and winning series's.

4) Heroes 3-3.. better than usual.

5) Hanhwa 3-3.. trudging along.

6) Kia 3-3.. celebrating the ordinary.

7) LG 2-4.. back to normal.

8) Samsung 2-4.. property of Kia and Lotte.


SuperDrew said...

So is this post hinting that you are leaving Korea? I guess you won't keep up the KBO blogging from Canada huh? That's too bad, if true.

Sim'on 2057 said...

Yeah, I'll be going back to Canada this month.

But I'll still be posting though. Actually, I should be contributing more because I'll be on summer vacation. It's mostly Matt doing the re-caps though.

Thanks for reading, sometimes it seems I'm writing at the wall LOL

Mitch said...

No, your not writing at the wall man! I just found your blogs a few weeks ago. I've been searching for some decent coverage of the KBO. A good friend of mine plays for SK Wyverns and I like to keeps up with how he's doing. Up until now, it's been difficult to find any good (English) information. Thanks for the posts!

Ryan said...

You are definitely not writing to the wall. I really enjoy reading your blog as it makes sense of the league. I watch Lotte, as I am in Busan, but it is hard to understand what is going on elsewhere. I especially like the rankings, because they provide a nice checkup of the teams. Keep it up!

Matt said...

Thanks for the comments guys.