Wednesday, July 14, 2010

7/13 Roundup and News

LG and KIA had their game washed out last night. Which saved me the trouble of having to watch and write about them. Thanks, Mother Nature.

Lotte 9, Nexen 2
W - Ryan Sadowski (7-6), L - Adrian Burnside (8-8)
Lotte HR - Lee Dae-ho 2(28), Hong Seong-heun (22) Nexen HR - None

Ryan Sadowski was able to get the better of Adrian Burnside in their second head-to-head match up in the past week. It helped that Burnside was chased from the game after the third inning and was responsible for most of the damage inflicted by the Lotte offense. Sadowski tossed 8 1/3 innings(101 pitches, 69 strikes) of two-run baseball. He didn't give up any runs until he appeared to tire in the top of the ninth. Sadowski allowed only three hits and one walk while striking out five. To say the Heroes had a rough night would be an understatement. Nexen had more errors(4) than hits(3). Lotte third baseman Lee Dae-ho lead the offense by going 3-5 with a pair of moon shot homers to center field. Lee drove in four and scored twice.

SK 7, Hanhwa 3
W - Kim Kwang-hyeon (12-2), L - Julio DePaula (3-9)
SK HR - Park Jeong-kwon (13) Hanhwa HR - None

With Jose Capellan banished to the Futures League, Julio DePaula has taken the mantle of "Hanhwa foreign starter that goes out of his way to lose games." DePaula stuck around for two innings. He allowed more hits and walks(9) than outs recorded(6). SK ace Kim Kwang-hyeon fared a little better. Kim tossed 6 2/3 innings(95 pitches, 55 strikes) of three-run baseball. Kim allowed three hits and four walks while striking out four. SK rallied for three runs in each of the first two innings and simply coasted to an easy W. First baseman Park Jeong-kwon lead the charge with a two-run homer. Park finished 1-3 with two walks and two runs scored.

Samsung 9, Doosan 6
W - Ahn Ji-man (7-3), L - Lee Hyeon-seung (2-5), S - Kwon Hyeok (4)
Samsung HR - Chae Tae-in (13) Doosan HR - Kim Dong-ju 3(17)

I think its okay to start walking Kim Dong-ju, guys. Kim absolutely torched Samsung pitching, but he was the only Doosan Bear to figure out Samsung last night. Kim went 3-5 with three homers, five RBIs and three runs scored. Luckily for the Lions, they rallied for three in the first and four in the second to build an early lead. The lead proved to be too much for the Dong-jus to overcome. Samsung right fielder Oh Jeong-bok, DH Park Seok-min, first baseman Chae Tae-in and right fielder Choi Hyeong-woo each drove in two runs last night. Samsung starter Lee Woo-sun was chased from the game during the fifth inning, but reliever Ahn Ji-man saved the day. Ahn faced eight batters and recorded eight outs. He was the bridge from a really poor starter to the late inning guys.

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mdcall said...

This blog is great! It seems to be the only source for korean baseball in English. Do you have any idea who the league leaders are for the main categories, like AVG, HR, RBI, SB, W-L, ERA, K, SV, etc? Like the top 10 for each? that would be great!!