Sunday, July 25, 2010

7/24 Roundup and News: All-Star Edition

Eastern 9, Western 8
W - Lee Yong-chan, L - Song Seung-rak
Eastern HR - Hong Seong-heun 2, Karim Garcia 2, Yang Jun-hyeok Western HR - None

The all-star game came to Daegu on Saturday. The "Eastern" team was comprised of players from Lotte, Samsung, SK and Doosan. The "Western" team was made of players from Hanhwa, KIA, LG and Nexen. If you want full rosters, check out

I was surprised that they got the game in because it was pissing off and on for almost the entire evening. SK ace Kim Kwang-hyeon got the start for the "Eastern" squad, while Ryu Hyeon-jin started for the "West." To let you know how serious they took this start, both pitchers threw a couple pitches in the home run derby before the game started. Kim didn't make it out of the first inning and Ryu gave up a pair of homers. The "Western" squad jumped out to a big early lead thanks to Kim's meltdown. Kim recorded one out and gave up six runs on six hits and two walks. It was an assembly line. LG outfielder Lee Dae-hyeong started the scoring with an RBI double. KIA first baseman Choi Hee-seop with another RBI double. Then things got out of hand. The "Eastern" team answered back with a couple homers from Hong Seong-heun and Karim Garcia. Hong hit a two-run homer while wearing a fake beard. I'm not trying to start anything, but I'm fairly certain he had a little help from Ryu. Garcia blasted a solo homer to cut the lead to 6-3. The "West" tacked on a couple insurance runs in the third inning when LG third baseman Jeong Seong-hoon poked a single throught the middle with runners on second and third to push the lead to 8-3. The "East" tied the game in the seventh when Samsung's Yang Joon-hyeok, Hong and Garcia hit back-to-back-to-back homers. The game was still tied in the bottom of the ninth. The "East" started a rally. Hong singled and Garcia doubled to put runners on second and third with none out. Nexen closer Song Seung-rak intentionally walked an incredulous Jin Kab-yong. While Song was lobbing balls to his catcher, Jin actually put his bat down and shook his head. After Jin made the slow walk to first, Lotte infielder Hwang Jae-gyun ripped a line drive to left/center to walk off the "West." The post game beating/dousing with water was a little bizarre. Both teams decided to make Hwang pay for his base hit. He got doused by both sides.

Lotte DH Hong Seong-heun won the MVP award by going 4-5 with a pair of homers, three RBIs and three runs scored. He also wore a special jersey for the game.

Instead of his name and number, he wore a jersey to thank the fans for giving him the most votes. The jersey translates to, "Most votes. Thanks."


Tuttle said...

Great write-up. Thanks again!

Ed said...

you've mixed East and West for most of your write-up

Matt said...

Two errors does not mean, "most." Corrected.