Wednesday, August 25, 2010

8/24 Roundup and News

SK/Nexen was washed out last night.

Doosan 2, LG 2 (6)
Doosan HR - None LG HR - Lee Byeong-gyu(11)

This game was called after only six innings due to weather. LG had a 2-1 lead in the bottom of the fifth, but Doosan managed to push across a run. Now, bare with me for a minute because this one got a little weird. Doosan had runners on the corners with two outs. LG pitcher Kim Kwang-sam caught the runner on first, Goh Yeong-min in a run down, but the second base umpire called a balk on Kim. After a passionate argument from LG manager Park Jong-hoon, Doosan's runners were allowed to advance and the tying run scored. While all of this went down it was absolutely pissing. It's debatable whether this game should have been played at all. The result actually hurts Doosan because ties are counted as losses in the KBO. So, in terms of the pennant race, it really didn't matter if the run was allowed or not.

KIA 7, Lotte 5
W - Kim Hee-geol (3-4), L - Kang Yeong-sik (1-2), S - Yoon Seok-min (3)
KIA HR - Na Ji-wan 2(15) Lotte HR - None

KIA DH Na Ji-wan torched the Giants while things got a little chippy in the late innings. Na hit a two-run homer in the first inning to put KIA on the scoreboard. Na added another two-run bomb in the eighth inning that gave KIA a 6-5 lead. He added another RBI in the ninth inning to give the KIA bullpen a little breathing room. Na finished the night 4-5 with five RBIs and three runs scored. KIA reliever Yoon Seok-min was asked to pitch the eight and ninth innings. With two outs and the bases empty in the ninth, Yoon hit Lotte second baseman Cho Seong-hwan in the head. Now, it was on the first pitch and it was at a questionable spot, but I really don't think it was intentional on Yoon's part. Based on his body language and the deep bow that he gave, I really think the pitch just got away from him. The Lotte faithful disagreed and rained garbage onto the field until the inning finished. The game had to be stopped at more than one point before the final out was recorded. The KIA outfielders went from ballplayers to big, red, isolated targets. Center fielder Lee Yeong-gyu caught more than his fair share of abuse. He was hit more than a few times and seemed genuinely upset during cleanup. Lee Dae-ho is starting to get the "Barry Bonds Treatment." The Lotte slugger was walked three times and finished 0-2 with one run scored. DH Hong Seong-heun is on the mend with a busted up finger and Karim Garcia is a walking emergency room. This is only going to get worse for Lee down the stretch and into the playoffs.

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