Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Week 20 Rankings and News

Samsung wins

For the Korean baseball week of Tuesday, August 10 to Sunday, August 15. All games were cancelled on the 10th due to rain so it was basically a 5 day week. And some teams only played 3 games.

1. Samsung - 4 wins, 0 losses on the week

Can't seem to stop winning. swept last place Hanwha in this unbeaten week though. Got Doosan and Kia up next, let's see what happens.

2. Doosan - 3 wins, 0 losses

Another streaker. Solid ball and Kelvin Jiminez is still shutting them down.

3. SK - 1 win, 2 losses on the week

Seeing a lot of "off-weeks" from these guys. But they've been riding first place since January. Hard hitting Lotte won't be easy.

4. Kia - 3 and 1

Seo Jae-woong is on fire pitching games with no or 1 ER's in his last 4 starts. Him and Yang Hyun-jon are looking like the Roy Halladay/AJ Burnett 1-2 punch I remember in late 00's Blue Jays seasons.. nah forget I said that.

5. Lotte - 1 and 3

They'll get back on track because they hit hard. They seem to have a good prospect system too, lots of youngsters ready to take the vets' places.

6. Heroes - 2 and 2

No comment.

7. LG - 1 and 3

Don't really want to say anything about this.

8. Eagles - 0 and 3

Coverage on Ryu Hyun-jin's season is all over the Korea sports press. But he will leave this team for overseas, just like Lee Bum-ho and Kim Tae-gyun before him last year. If Ryu and all these players are leaving, where does that leave the Eagles. Eagles fans are Eagles fans, not Ryu fans. The Hanhwa Eagles will be around long after any of their stars are doing whatever in the future. Eagles need to simply forget about Ryu as a long term part of their team and look towards re-buidling (without him).


My Daily reports on Ryu Hyun-jin's 29th straight quality starts (starts where they go at least 6 innings and give up less than 3 ER's). The article is mainly about batters that have done well against him. Samsung's Park Suk-min and Doosan's Kim Dong-joo have hit well. Ahn Chi-hong, Karim Garcia, Nah Ji-wan are some batters who have hit home runs against him, he's given up 10. This articles kind of pointless.

Article link:

H/L of his 29th QS:

Actually, there's a lot of Ryu coverage.

Naver Sports has Ryu all over the front page as we speak. Topics on that screenshot above are "which offense will take down the Monster," him wanting reasons to make the move to Japanese baseball, comparing Ryu's successes to Lotte's Lee Dae-ho mentioned below, and a poll asking the same question.

In other reports, K-ball old timers discuss Ryu and Lee, a look at Lotte youngster Kim Soo-wan, 21, who pitched a complete game on the 17th, and an article on Kia starter Seo Jae-woong who is pitching 0.72 ER's per 9 innings since the break and definitely helping Kia back on track after a disastrous July.

Standings below as of 17 August, 2010:


















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