Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2010 KBO Free Agent Class Announced

SK has two pitchers, Jeon Joon-ho and Ga Deuk-yeom. Neither are really that interesting.

KIA reliever Lee Dae-jin and outfielder Lee Jong-beom are both FA's this year. Lee Jong-beom posted a .245/.293/.358 slash line while Lee Dae-jin posted a 6.45 in 14 games.

LG has pitcher Oh Sang-min, catcher Kim Jeong-min and outfielder Park Yong-taek. Park is the only "big name" available with a chance at a decent contract. Park posted a .300/.372/.430 slash line with nine homers and 19 steals.

Samsung DH Yang Joon-hyeok has already announced his retirement. Pitcher Bae Yeong-su is probably the second most exciting FA this year. This speaks volumes about how poor this year is for free agents.

Lotte has reliever Kang Yeong-sik and shortstop Park Ki-hyeok available this year. Kang was servicable out of the bullpen and should either stay with Lotte or catch on with a team in need of depth. Park Ki-hyeok will get a contract and a starting job at shortstop. His defense is usually competent when he's healthy, but his bat is absolutely brutal.

Nexen has outfielder Lee Sung-yeong, DH Song Ji-man, starter Kim Su-kyeong and reliever Song Sin-yeong up for free agency. Song Ji-man will catch on somewhere in need of a platoon DH. The 37-year old lead Nexen with 17 homers last year. He's still got some pop left. Lee is a backup outfielder who was forced into a starting role. He'll find a bench job somewhere. Song Sin-yeong lead Nexen with 14 holds and is a servicable KBO set up guy. He'll find a contract with a team looking for bullpen depth or just stay in the same role with Nexen. Kim Su-kyeong was hurt for most of 2010 and he was last seen giving up 29 homers in 117 2/3 innings in 2009. If he's in your rotation next year, your team is in trouble.

Hanhwa rounds out the list with three FA's. Catcher Lee Doh-hyeong, infielder Son Ji-hwan and pitcher Choi Yeong-pil. Lee is only 35 years old, but he started playing in 1994. He has a 20-homer season under his belt in 2005 and has spent the last few years a servicable backup catcher. I think he's worthy of a backup catcher spot. I'll be impressed if Son Ji-hwan isn't delivering Chinese food or hand out flyers for a night club next year. Choi has had back-to-back awful seasons in the Hanhwa bullpen. It might be time for the 36-year old to hang 'em up.

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