Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Off-Season Random Rundown

What the title says..

Choo Choo Would Steal Home for a Win

So you see, our KBO stars are down in sunny (smoggy) Guangzhou, China for this year's Asian games. Gold medal's the only goal apparently, and Cleveland Indians outfielder and Korean dude Choo Shin-soo's thinking he would steal home a win if he could, reports Sports Seoul by way of Naver Sports.

Definitely the biggest name on this team, he's reported to be willing to be a 'table setter' for the squad if he had to. So humble of him. Funny thing about him is, he's got an almost KBO salary at $461, 100.


Ryu's Starting Against Taiwan!


Korea squad manager (and KBO team playoff misser) Cho Bum-hyun says KBO ace Ryu Hyun-jin will definitely be starting against Taiwan on the 13th no matter who starts for Taiwan. Problem is, Ryu hasn't pitched in 2 months and he's been throwing a little wild at practice. Report here says that Ryu gave up 3 runs in 2 innings in one practice game and 5 runs in 3 and 2/3 in another.

Please fix this situation because we cannot lose to Taiwan.

Yang Jun-hyuk Hopes Korea wins Gold


You heard it here first. Recently retired Samsung legend Yang Jun-hyuk's not pulling for Hong Kong as some might have hoped but he's a true blue Team Korea cheerer down to his all blue Samsung Lions underwear.

He also wishes he could be there but of course, he's retired. He's also 41 and dropped off in production (he wouldn't have made the team even if he wasn't retired).

Our main man's got the goods: the first game against Taiwan on the 13th is going to be very important. But Ryu Hyun-jin's going to start (see up) and Ryu's a great pitcher. And Team Korea got bats up and down the line-up so they're going to be a good team and win. That's what he said, send hate mail HIS way.

Lotte Shortstop Park Ki-hyuk's DUI


Ki-hyuk was caught drinking and driving his leased Mercedes-Benz CLS55 down Haeundae Beach after drinking 3 litres of beer early Monday morning.

The guy's a free agent this season and he may have been stressed out no one was going to take him. That's definitely a nice vehicle, definitely blows my 2008 Pontiac out of the water. But I don't have a DUI to my name and that makes me.... feel better.

The man:

The ride:

Happy off-season!!!!!!!

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LastnameKim said...

One of my friends ran into Shin Soo Choo in the elevator at Lotte Hotel in Seoul two weeks ago. He told her the biggest concern they had for the first part of those games was to beat Taiwan (which they did!). Now, I'm sure they have their sights set on Japan (assuming they can beat China..which they should).