Wednesday, December 22, 2010

KIA Adds Travis Blackley

KIA announced that Australian national Travis Blackley will join the Tiger rotation in 2011. Travis was once a highly regarded prospect, but his career stalled after an injury in 2005 and he's bounced around to different organizations ever since. He spent last year in the New York Mets and Oakland A's minor league system. He also had a very short, very poor experience in the Mexican League last year.

Travis Blackley...welcome to the KBO!


Nicholas R.W. Henning said...

Travis Blackley will make an excellent contribution to the team, and will quickly make a name for himself in Korea. I have seen him pitch recently in Australia, and I was impressed! Nicholas R.W. Henning - Australian Baseball Author

Charles (Chuck) Maack said...

Amen to the Korean team signing Travis Blackley. After pitching shoulder surgery a few years ago, Blackley has steadily improved with his arm returning to his earlier years. His 2.52 ERA as a reliever for the Oakland A's AAA Sacramento Rivercats in 2010 is evidence of that return. That followed by a league leading 5-1 record/2.09 ERA in the Mexican league, and then most recently a 0.81 ERA in the Australian League while home for a holiday vacation says volumes. Best of the future for Travis and his family.