Friday, April 29, 2011

Happenings 4/28

Stuff that Happened.

Hands Up, Dae-ho Steals

Lotte Giants super star first baseman stole his first base in 1460 days in his teams's 8-7 loss against the LG Twins Thursday. He rumbled into second after next batter Hong Song-huen struck out swinging. Dae-ho stole on Lotte's "Non-Matching Uniform Day," his first since he stole in an April game against Doosan in 2007. He went 2 for 4 in this game.

Koreans love to talk about the number days it has been since something. It's not just baseball, Korean women love to talk about how many days they've been with you, Korean StarCraft players love to talk about how many days they've been playing non-stop. Me, I'm not really into days. They just come and go.

Park Jin-man Hospitalized with Beanball to Head

SK pinch hitter Park Jin-man caught a bean to his helmet needing hospital referral in his team's Thursday win over rival Kia Tigers. He was on the ground for a bit then moved to Gwangju's Korea Hospital in Ssang Dong. Seo Jae-woong was Kia's pitcher.

It was Park's second day back with the big club after 17 days in the minors. He was sent down to work on his defense.

Hanhwa Eagles Score for the First Time in 25 Innings

Eagles pinch hitter Goh Dong-jin got beaned with Eagles bases juiced and this sent home a run in the 6th inning of Hanhwa's Thursday game against the Nexen Heroes. This was Hanhwa's first score in 3 days. Look what the KBO is doing to me!

Hong Seung-hoon Apologizes for Outburst

So Lotte DH Hong Seung-hoon apologized for his angry "resistance" against first base ump Choo Pyeong-ho (cool name) in Lotte's Wednesday game. Hong was thrown out at first in the 8th inning but he thought he was safe. Hong now declares he will never "resist" the umps again.

Personally, I think if you think your safe, and the ump thinks you're not safe. Then you should definitely resist. Being resistant is what separates us from the animals. But, that's just me.

Edit: So much for my Korean language skills. I looked up the word "항의" in my 6 year old black and green screen electro-dic and it actually means "protest" and not "resist." So that means Hong is not resisting but protesting and he will never do that again. Still, my opinion stands. A man must protest if he is wronged.

Edit Edit: It's FRIDAY in KOREA PEOPLE!!!! Have a Great KBO Weekend!

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