Thursday, May 12, 2011

5/11 Roundup and News

Three of the four KBO games were washed out. The fourth was actually really compelling.

Also, Simon and I made a mistake. The article about Hanhwa releasing it's two foreign dudes was meant as speculation, not fact. We both screwed up when translating the article. My guess is we both scanned it, instead of reading it fully. Hanhwa hasn't released anyone...yet. We were both surprised to see Oneli trotting out of the 'pen last night. I thought he would be a vapor trail by now.

Hanhwa 2, LG 1
W - Park Jeong-jin, L - Radhames Liz (2-4, S - Oneli Perez (5)
Hanhwa HR - Jang Seong-ho (3) LG HR - Lee Byeong-gyu (6)

Scoring in this game was limited to homers. LG struck first with a solo homer from left fielder Lee Byeong-gyu in the fourth inning. Hanhwa took the lead in the ninth inning with a two-run blast from DH Jang Seong-ho.

Oneli Perez walked a batter, but threw a clean ninth inning for the save.

LG starter Radhames Liz threw a great game only to see it fall apart on the one big mistake he made all night. Liz threw nine innings(115 pitches, 71 strikes) and gave up the two-run homer. Liz allowed only four hits, two walks and a hit batsman while striking out nine.

Hanhwa starter Yang Hoon threw well enough. Yang tossed five innings(86 pitches, 51 strikes) and gave up the solo homer. Yang allowed five hits and three walks while striking out four.

The real story on the mound was the work of Hanhwa reliever Park Jeong-jin. Park threw three scoreless innings of relief. He only gave up one hit and struck out four.

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