Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5/7 Roundup and News

Between a badly sprained ankle(lucky it wasn't broken) and a holiday, I'm terribly late this week. Sorry, dear reader, but it will probably happen again.

Hanhwa has issued not one, but two plane tickets of shame to Julio DePaula and Oneli Perez. I'm surprised they actually want to spend money to bring in two new guys instead of just sucking with the original two guys.

Samsung 6, LG 3
W - Bae Yeong-su (4-1), Bong Jung-geun (0-1), S - Oh Seung-hwan (10)
Samsung HR - Choi Hyeong-woo (6) LG HR - None

Samsung starter Bae Yeong-su continued his recent streak of competent pitching. Bae threw 5 1/3 innings(95 pitches, 59 strikes) and gave up all three LG runs. Bae surrendered six hits and four walks while striking out four.

LG ace Bong Jung-geun made his first start of the 2011 season and it was completely forgettable. Bong stuck around for only 4 2/3 innings of work(87 pitches, 53 strikes). Bong allowed four runs on six hits, two walks, and three(!) hit batsmen. Bong managed to strike out three.

Samsung center fielder Bae Yeong-seop lead the Lions' offense by going 3-5 with one RBI, one run scored and a stolen base.

Nexen 8, Hanhwa 2
W - Kim Seong-hyeon (2-2), L - Yoo Chang-sik (0-1)
Nexen HR - None Hanhwa HR - None

Hanhwa starter Yoo Chang-sik was pummelled early and the Nexen Heroes cruised to an easy W.

Nexen catchr Kang Gui-tae went 3-4 with three doubles and four RBIs. DH Song Ji-man went 2-3 with two RBIs and two runs scored.

Nexen starter Kim Seong-hyeon was, erm, effectively wild. Kim threw 5 1/3 innings(90 pitches, 44 strikes) and only gave up two hits and two runs. He also walked five and only struck out two.

KIA 6, SK 2
W - Yang Hyeon-jong (3-2), L - Gary Glover (2-1), S - Kwak Jeong-cheol (1)
KIA HR - Lee Beom-ho (6), Kim Won-seop (1) SK HR - Park Jae-hong (1)

KIA starter Yang Hyeon-jong was simply too much for the SK offense. Yang tossed seven shutout innings(108 pitches, 64 strikes). Yang gave up only three hits and two walks while striking out five. Yang recorded 10 outs via the ground ball.

KIA right fielder/lead off hitter lead the Tigers' offense by going 2-5 with a solo homer, two RBIs and a run scored.

Lotte 8, Doosan 7
W - Kim Il-yeop (1-0), L - Lim Tae-hoon (1-1), S - Bryan Corey (2)
Lotte HR - Son Ah-seop (2), Lee Dae-ho (6) Doosan HR - Kim Dong-ju (3), Kim Hyeon-su (2)

Non-Korean pitcher Fernando Nieve made his KBO debut for the Doosan Bears. He failed to impress on several fronts.

After giving up a three-run bomb to right fielder Son Ah-seop, Nieve felt the need to put a ball in Lee Dae-ho’s back. Lee didn’t take kindly to Nieve taking out his frustrations. Lee gestured towards the mound and both benches cleared. No punches were thrown, but Nieve was quickly removed from the game.

Nieve lasted 4 1/3 innings(72 pitches, 43 strikes) and gave up six runs. Nieve allowed seven hits, two walks and the one hit batter while striking out two.

The Lotte bullpen let the Bears back into the game(I’m looking at YOU, Kim Sa-yul) and the Giants found themselves trailing 7-6 in the ninth inning. Lee got some measure of revenge by hitting a two-run homer that put the Giants on top, 8-7.

Bryan Corey threw a scoreless inning of relief. I’m not 100% sure, but I think that after the last pitch Corey’s arm actually detached itself from his body in protest.


Eric said...

The Giants/Bears game was exciting. I was there for my first Bears game. Dae-ho came up big and got his revenge after being beaned earlier.

Goulip said...

DePaula and Perez were the 2 worst pitchers of Hanhwa in terms of ERA, respectively with 7.16 and 8.16... (among those with more than 10 innings played)
Just wish them luck for the next 2!

Goulip said...

It's not related to the topic, but something may have happened last weekend because my Naver live streaming doesn't work anymore (it keeps telling me that WMP is not installed) so I can't watch any game now... Did it happen to any other follower abroad?

Matt said...

I've had issues with firefox, but IE usually works pretty well with the broadcasts on Naver.

Goulip said...

Yes, I also usually use IE for Korean-related websites... Can't find what I changed between sunday and today