Monday, May 16, 2011

NC Soft Gives The New Team a Nickname

They'll be called the "Dinos." The NC Soft Dinos. No, I am not joking.


Paolo said...

Any insight as to why the last couple of team names(wyverns, heroes) have been so ridiculous? Also, are the team names referred to in the media by a quasi-english phonetic translation, or the word in Korean?

Love the blog, Cheers

Goulip said...

They just write the name phonetically in Hangeul, no translation.

And as far as I'm concerned, the name "wyverns" sounds quite classy! Maybe it's because I'm not native English speaker.
But Dinos... Makes me think of Denver, the last dinosaur. Childish. At least it's more or less related to NC Soft's business

Matt said...

I actually kind of like seeing teams using something different like "Wyverns" and "Heroes."

I've never cared for the copycat nicknames. The worst example is LG's use of "Twins."

There's a geographical reason why Minnesota uses the name Twins. LG's use seems to be fairly arbitrary.

"Dinos" is an awful, awful nickname. It won't be long before we see uniforms with big, goofy cartoon dinosaurs on them.

Simon Kim said...

I believe the LG Twins are called the twins because of LG company's twin "towers" (buildings) on Yoeuido. Still lame but, a reason.

Re: NC Soft Dinos.. should have called it the Dinobots.

Paolo said...

Thanks for the info guys. I dislike the fact that Asian teams use English names at all. I think they should use a word that is a translation in their respective languages. This would be similar to what teams in Latin America do. Furthermore, I think teams should use concepts or fauna from their own culture. If I were to name a team in the KPBL, I would call it the Dokkaebi.

Goulip said...

I personnally don't share your thoughts on the Twins. It's obviously related to LG's HQ so it's coherent, even though it looks like perfect copycat... Still think it's better than the Giants =)

Dan said...

NC won't be the first team to use "Dinos" as their nickname in Korea though. Jeonbuk(of the K-league) was known as the Dinos when they were formed. University of Calgary also uses this name.

Hopefully NC can come up with a cool logo and colors. When I see the word "Dinos", I think of the Flintstones and Dino.

joel said...
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