Monday, June 6, 2011

6/5 Roundup and News

Hanhwa is dominating the news in the beginning of the week. Karim Garcia has finally arrived in Korea. Also, ace Ryu Hyeon-jin's shoulder is hurting.

Hanhwa 4, Nexen 2
W - Kim Hyeok-min (3-3), L - Moon Seong-hyeon (2-4), S - Shin Ju-yeong (2)
Hanhwa HR - Jang Seong-ho (4) Nexen HR - Kim Min-woo (3)

Hanhwa got a two-run homer from DH Jang Seong-ho in the first inning and picked up runs in the fourth and fifth innings to muster just enough offense to beat Nexen.

Hanhwa second baseman Han Sang-hoon went 3-4 with a RBI double and a run scored.

Hanhwa starter Kim Hyeok-min surprised everyone and actually pitched into the seventh inning. He was lifted because he was shocked that the game was still going on. He's never seen the seventh before(not true at all, he pitched into the eighth on 5/19). Kim threw 6 1/3 innings(98 pitches, 56 strikes) of two-run baseball. Kim gave up three hits and four walks while striking out five.

KIA 2, SK 1
W - Yoon Seok-min (6-2), L - Goh Hyo-joon (0-4), S - Aquilino Lopez (1)
KIA HR - Lee Jong-beom (2) SK HR - None

SK scratched across a run in the second inning with a RBI single from shortstop Kim Yeon-hoon and did their best to hold on to their 1-0 lead.

KIA finally got on the scoreboard in the seventh inning. The Tigers tied the game with a solo homer from 41-year old DH Lee Jong-beom. Lee's best days are in the rear view mirror, but he still has some pop in his bat. Still in the seventh, KIA loaded the bases and pushed across a run with a bunt single from speedy center fielder Lee Yong-gyu to take a 2-1 lead.

KIA starter Yoon Seok-min threw eight innings(122 pitches, 76 strikes) and only gave up the one run. Yoon surrendered two hits and five walks while striking out six.

KIA called on starter Aquilino Lopez to throw the ninth. Lopez responded by giving up a walk and a base hit, but he struck out the other three guys he faced to finish the game.

SK starter Jim Magrane threw six shutout innings(78 pitches, 49 strikes), but was stuck with a ND. Magrane gave up four hits, two walks and a hit batsman while striking out six.

Lotte 11, LG 5
W - Jang Won-joon (6-1), L - Radhames Liz (4-6)
Lotte HR - Lee Dae-ho (15), Jeon Joon-woo (3) LG HR - None

This game was pretty ugly for the LG Twins. Ugly fielding. Ugly defense. Not much offense until they got well into the Lotte bullpen. This game was gross on all fronts for the Twins.

Twins' starter Radhames Liz was tagged for seven runs during his 4 1/3 innings, but only four of the runs were earned thanks to some painfully bad defense. (I'm looking at YOU third baseman Jeong Seong-hoon!)

LG turned to reliever Han Hee to get out of the jam...and he responded by given up three more runs in short order.

2010 MVP Lee Dae-ho went 1-4 with a two-run homer and a RBI sac fly. Lee is hitting .372 with a 1.138 OPS. Say what you want about his size, Lee can absolutely rake.

Lotte shortstop Hwang Jae-gyun continues to show signs of breaking out of his funk. Hwang went 3-4 with a run scored an three RBIs. Lead off hitter/center fielder Jeon Joon-woo went 2-5 with a double, a homer, one run scored and one RBI.

Lotte starter Jang Won-joon threw pretty well, but needed some help from the Lotte bullpen. Jang tossed 5 2/3 innings(98 pitches, 58 strikes) of three-run ball(two earned). Jang gave up eight hits and two walks while striking out four. Jang left the game with the bases loaded and two outs in the sixth inning. Lotte called on reliever Kim Sa-yul to get Jang off the hook...and he struck out first baseman Seo Dong-wook to get out of the jam.

Samsung 8, Doosan 3
W - Ken Kadokura (4-3), L - Seo Dong-hoon
Samsung HR - Cho Yeong-hoon (3) Doosan HR - Lee Seong-yeol (4)

Samsung battered Doosan starter Seo Dong-hoon early and cruised to a W.

Samsung first baseman Cho Yeong-hoon went 2-3 with a walk, a solo homer and three runs scored. Second baseman Shin Myeong-cheol was 2-4 with a run and a RBI. Catcher Jin Kab-yong hit a two-run double in the eighth inning to ice the game for the Lions.

Samsung starter Ken Kadokura threw 5 1/3 innings(71 pitches, 42 strikes) of two-run baseball. Kadokura gave up six hits, two walks and a hit batsman while striking out three.

Doosan right fielder Lee Seong-yeol went 3-4 with a homer, a run scored and drove in all three Bears' runs.

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