Thursday, June 9, 2011

In Pictures: Garcia Returns

Above link takes you to great photos of Karim Garcia landing at Incheon International.

Our main dude landed to seemingly no fanfare at 5:20 pm, Wednesday, June 8. Right before his new Hanhwa Eagles team took to the field against the LG Twins.

Garcia, 36, talked for a bit, showed off his Blackberry, Luis Vuitton watch, and Luis Vuitton shoes.

Then he gave the camera a thumbs up before walking into the early Korean summer heat.

He put on his sunshades (unidentified brand) and took in the familiarity.

Garcia reminisced about when he had blonde hair and when he stared at "the Queen of Korea's" butt during his days at Busan in a Lotte Giants uniform.

Garcia waited for a limo to take him to someplace but instead was met by a Daejeon Call Taxi (taxis in Korea you call).

Our main man loaded his luggage and rode off into the sunset while displaying a "V" with his fingers.

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Simon said...

Note: Koreans commenting below are having a good laugh at the Daejeon Call Taxi van that the Eagles sent to pick up Garse.