Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Week 15 Rankings and Things

Yoon Suk-min, nickname: Ace

Week of July 12 to 17. Week's records in parenthesis.

1. Samsung Lions, 3-1

Currently in first place going back and forth with Kia. Troubling is their team BA at .262, which is third last in the league. Upcoming series with SK should either crown Samsung as this year's beast or SK's staff will come alive and stifle Samsung's bats some more.

2. Lotte Giants, 4-1

7-3 on in their last 10 games is very impressive no matter how you try and spin it. Batting line-up needs more balance as Lee Dae-ho seems to be doing all the work. Jang Won-joon is 8-2, 3.38 and there's no other pitcher like that on this team's staff.

3. Kia Tigers, 3-2

Took first, then lost first place to Samsung. Yoon Suk-min is the star of the show at 11-2 and 2.62. Yoon along with Lopez (10-3, 3.03) and Travis (7-4, 3.05) make up the best 1-2-3 in the Organization.

4. LG Twins, 2-2

Finally took a win against streaky Lotte on Sunday and maintaining their 4th place position. A series before Nexen to close off the first half of the season means no danger of losing it. Hard hitters have only 1 less home runs than league leaders Kia (68 to 67).

5. Doosan Bears, 1-2

They need to make a push if they want to threaten LG for the last playoff spot but isn't doing it going 5 and 5 in their last 10. What was once a hard hitting team has no players anywhere near the top of any offensive stat. For example, supposed slugger Choi Joon-suk leads the team with 11 home runs but this is good for 10th best in the league (Lotte's Lee Dae-ho leads with 20).

6. Hanhwa Eagles, 1-2

Karim Garcia seemed have been hitting key home runs left and right but has only 1 in his last 5 games. His solo blast in the 7th against Lotte Monday was hardly clutch in a 11-3 loss. With pitchers not named Ryu Hyun-jin on this staff, only Oneli has a winning record at 4-1 but he hasn't won in many weeks. Statiz, my main source, is down and this is the reason why I can't tell you when he won his last game.

7. Nexen Heroes, 1-1

There's still nobody on this team's staff that has 4 wins. And despite a very bad offense that has the least number of hits in the league (602 to Kia's league leading 791), Corey Aldridge is looking like a decent pick-up as his 12 home runs and 45 RBI's lead the team. He's 7 hits back of center fielder Yoo Han-joon, who leads the team in hits, and Aldridge also leads the team in drawn walks at 41. I really hope Nexen will hold onto Aldridge and build something off of him.

8. SK Wyverns, 0-2

2 and 8 in their last games look bad but they only played 2 games this week due to the weather. Much is said about their poor pitching but their 3.47 collective ERA is still the best in the league and they have allowed the least number of hits at 545. But, their 2 and 8 record still does look bad and it may only get worse with a series with Samsung to close out the half.

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