Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Week Ahead (Week 20)

Let's take a look at the week ahead. The week ahead is week 20 for this season in the KBO.

Mid-Week Series:

Hanhwa at Nexen

The two bottom feeders face off for second last place. The Heroes have 5 games in hand and 7 less wins. A series win plus a few winning series will have Hanhwa looking up at Nexen.

LG at Doosan

Battle of Jamsil with different implications than what we've been used to seeing. LG fans are mad and Doosan fans are madder. Both teams may sit out this post-season.

Giants at Kia

Lotte's offense is red hot but so is Kia's pitching. Yoon Suk-min will not lose a third game in a row and his start in this series will be the game of the week.

Samsung at SK

2010 Korean Series re-match. We will see what Samsung is made of.

Weekend Series:

Hanhwa at Doosan

Doosan had trouble with Hanhwa in their two game series last week. Doosan will have trouble again.

Kia at Nexen

Series sweep for Kia and the series to skip for this weekend. Shim Soo-chan will lose again.

LG at Samsung

Will Samsung still be #1 at this stage? Will LG be in playoff positioning by this stage? How about Doug Mathis? Will he keep his hot mini streak alive or will he feel the wrath of what KBO bats can do?

SK at Lotte

Choice match up for the weekend. We will see what Lotte is made of. It's funny how even in third place, the true test for a KBO team is how they perform against SK.


Ryan said...

Awesome! Love the week ahead feature. Big week for Lotte with their rivals during the week and the defending champs on the weekend.

CanadianDoosanFan said...

Doosan will need to win the next few series if they want to head to the playoffs.

Goulip said...

If Lotte doesn't slow down, I think the playoffs race is over...