Monday, September 12, 2011

9/10 - 9/11 Roundup and News

First of all, a moment to remember everyone who died in the 9/11/01 USA terror attacks. And a moment to remember everyone who died in unjust violence at all times in human history.

Secondly, a happy Chooseok shout out to everyone in Korea and outside of Korea who are interested in the holiday.

Rounding up this past weekend's series:

Kia at Doosan (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Doosan 6 - Kia 3; Doosan 6 - Kia 3; Kia 6 - Doosan 3

All three games ended with scores of 6-3. Doosan taking 2 games and Kia taking the finale.

In game 1, Lee Yong-chan of the Bears went a solid 6.2 and let in 3 to out duel slumping Aq. Lopez of the Kia Tigers. Bears took this game 6-3.

In game 2 on Saturday, Doosan handed Kia their 5th straight loss and moved themselves closer to 5th place, as LG lost on the same day. The game went back and forth until the 6th inning, with each team scoring either 1 or 2 runs in the second and fifth innings.

Kia's relievers loaded the bases in the Doosan 6th, and Kim Dong-ju knocked home 2 runs with a double off Seo Jae-woong to put the Bears up for the game.

In game 3 on Sunday, Seo Jae-woong atoned for his Saturday mistake by snatching this 6-3 win for the Tigers. Kia manager Cho Bum-hyeon has identity issues with Seo, is he a starter, a reliever, a closer? Seo has done it all this season. But this game definitely will make people think Seo's on the upswing in the starter role. Man in question went 5.1 strong and let in 2 earned runs on just 81 pitches.

Doosan starter Kim Seong-bae lasted just an inning and an out. Kia hitters knocked in 5 earned runs off him before he was replaced with rookie Ahn Gyu-young in the second.

Hanhwa at SK (Saturday, Sunday)

Hanhwa 4 - SK 2; SK 4 - Hanhwa 3

This series was a split.

In game 1 on Saturday, Hanhwa won its 3rd game in a row to put a strangle hold on second last place in the standings. Eagles starter Yang Hoon went a solid 6.1 allowing two earned runs and got good run support from left fielder Oh Jae-pil, who went 3 for 4, knocking in 3.

SK starter Go Hyo-jun struck out Oh in his first at-bat, but Oh sprayed the ball all over left field in his next 3 at bats. Hanhwa slugger Choi Jin-heng hit a home run to right field to open scoring in the 4th inning. Hanhwa won its fourth game in a row at SK with this win.

In game 2 on Sunday, SK managed to outlast the Eagles by scoring a couple in the first and a couple in the 4th to win this game 4-3. Early scoring paved way to a relievers' duel after the fourth inning. Relievers on both sides allowed no hits after replacing their teams' starters - Ben Gordon for SK and Ma Il-Young for Hanhwa.

SK managed to keep themselves in third place with this win and Hanhwa stayed in 7th ahead of Nexen, because Nexen pretty much has no hope at this stage.

LG at Samsung (Saturday, Sunday)

Samsung 5 - LG 4; Samsung 9 - LG 7

Samsung sweeps, LG weeps.

LG looks like it's on its way to another non-playoff year losing to first place Samsung. And Samsung continues to impress trying to grab their first Korean Series championship since the Fall of 2006.

In game 1 on Saturday, Samsung won its 3rd game in a row off KBO home run leader Choi Hyoung-woo's 4 RBI's. Choi's 4 RBI's on the night plus another 4 the next night has Choi with just 2 RBI's less than Lee Dae-ho. Samsung's defense was the star of this game, as LG's batters slapped around 14 safe hits and still didn't plate enough feet to win.

2011 star LG's Park Hyun-joon was effective, letting in 3 through 5 innings and striking out 6. But LG offense couldn't help him out. Samsung's starter Jang Won-sam actually fared slightly worse. He only struck out 2 while also allowing 3 earned runs. But Jang is on a better team.

In Sunday's game 2, Samsung won its 2000th game. They're first KBO team to do it. They also won their fourth in a row and of course maintained their first place positioning. Choi Hyeong-woo was again the star of the show, knocking in his league leading 27th home run, helping himself to 4 more RBI's. He now has 96 RBI's to leader Lee Dae-ho's 98. Both teams hit 12 safe hits, but the more skilled team kept the runners off home plate to win the game.

Nexen at Lotte (Saturday, Sunday)

Lotte 7 - Nexen 6; Lotte 2 - Nexen 2

Lotte wins then ties.

Not to be outdone by Samsung's Choi Hyung-woo's MVP worthy antics, Lee Dae-ho flexed some hitting muscles of his own bringing home the winning run in a 6th inning sacrifice fly in Saturday's game 1 for this series. Lotte broke out of a mini 2 game losing streak with this win. This was a pretty evenly played game, despite Lotte playing clearly the worst team in the league in Nexen.

In Sunday's game 2, the closeness of the two teams showed itself in the 2-2 tie. A pitchers' duel after the 3rd inning, both teams managed to maintain the standings status quo with the game. Nexen's defense deserves mention for allowing just 2 runs after giving up 13 hits in this game. Sleeper foreign standout Corey Aldridge knocked in both of Nexen's runs in the opening inning.

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