Monday, October 10, 2011

SK 3, KIA 2 (11)

The series is tied, 1-1

W - Jeong Woo-ram (1-0), L - Han Ki-joo(0-1)
SK HR - Ahn Chi-yong (1)
KIA HR - Choi Hee-seop (1)

KIA looked like they would cruise to a 2-0 series lead, but the Wyverns had other plans and staged a late rally to to make this a series.

KIA jumped out to a 1-0 lead when left fielder Na Ji-wan ripped a single into right with a runner on second.

The Tigers added to their lead in the top of the fifth inning. Slugger Choi Hee-seop hit a fly-ball that juuuuuuust went over the top of SK left fielder Park Jae-sang's glove for a solo homer. Replays show that the ball may or may not have clipped the top of his glove. Either way, it gave KIA a 2-0 lead.

SK cut the KIA lead in half when left fielder Park Jae-sang hit a RBI triple in the bottom of the fifth. The Wyverns tied the game in the seven on a solo homer from right fielder Ahn Chi-yong. Ahn even did the"bat flip/stare/slow walk" homer celebration trifecta. He knew it was gone the second it left his bat.

The two offenses basically stared each other down for the next four innings, until the bottom of the eleventh.

SK put runners on first and second with a walk from right fielder Ahn Chi-yong and a base hit from second baseman Jeong Geun-woo. Both runners advanced on a sac bunt by left fielder Park Jae-sang. Third baseman Choi Jeong grounded out to third. The KIA defense made sure to freeze the runners before throwing over to first for the second out. First baseman Park Jeong-kwon was intentionally walked to load the bases. DH Lee Ho-joon came to the plate and, with a full count, put a bouncer back up the middle for a walk-off single.

The question KIA fans have to ask is, "Was the KIA bullpen abducted?" KIA left reliever Han Ki-joo on the mound for four innings after Yang Hyeon-jong and Son Yeong-min came in for Aquilino Lopez in the seventh inning. Han was left out there for 72 pitches! He was effective until the 11th, but there was no reason to have Han log that many innings. Especially since the KIA bullpen had an extra day of rest after Yoon Seok-min's complete game on Saturday.

Lost in his game is a solid effort from Aquilino Lopez. Lopez tossed six+ innings(91 pitches, 63 strikes) of two-run ball. Lopez gave up six hits and three walks while striking out six.

SK starter Song Eun-beom was actually allowed to pitch past the third inning. Song tossed six innings(83 pitches, 54 strikes) of two-run baseball. Song allowed five hits and one walk while striking out five.

The next game will be on Tuesday at 6:30 PM Korea time. Brian Gordon will take the ball for the Wyverns, while KIA will send Seo Jae-wong to the mound. Gordon went 6-4 in 14 appearances after replacing Jim Magrane in the middle of the season. Gordon owns a 3.81 ERA and 1.16 WHIP in 75 2/3 innings of work. Gordon has struck out 70 and walked only 20. Seo Jae-wong went 8-9 with two saves and two holds in 30 appearances for the Tigers. Seo has a 4.28 ERA and 1.38 WHIP in 130 1/3 innings of work. Seo struck out 84 and walked 36.

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Simon said...

What is going on with Kia and their Han Ki-joo. You might leave your ace on for that long in extra's in a playoff game but Han's ERA's been 4+ the last two full seasons he pitched.

It looks like Kia really likes this guy but doesn't know what to do with him. Seems like they were testing him out to see what he'd do in a situation like this and of course he lost the game.

I am intrigued, if he's out on the mound again this series, then you know Kia's got a full blown man crush on the guy, but if we don't see him it could be the end of him playing any big role with Kia.