Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Free Agent Grab Bag Part III

LG catcher Cho In-seong has signed with the SK Wyverns for 1.9 billion won over three years and SK reliever Lee Seung-ho has signed with Lotte for 2.4 billion won over four years.

The internet is abuzz with rumors that SK reliever Jeong Dae-hyeon has reached a two-year deal with the Baltimore Orioles, but they have yet to be confirmed by either the Korean or western media.

Jeong posted a 1.48 ERA and 1.24 WHIP in 53 appearances. He struck out 39, but walked 25 while going 3-3 with 16 holds and 11 saves.


Simon said...


Official! Jeong Dae-hyon to Baltimore!! See you at Rogers Centre in 2012!!

Goulip said...

The Twins lost several good players. Seems they want to make sure to compete for last place.

Simon said...

What do you think about Ryan Doumit? Pretty solid back-up catcher..

Seems like a lot of Minnesota Twins regulars are gone!

Goulip said...

I meant the LG Twins =)
Doumit is a solid backup for Mauer. But how many games will he play? If Mauer is healthy... Maybe he can play 1st or DH???
I honestly don't know much about the Minnesota Twins, I've not followed the MLB for a long time, still a newcomer. They seemed to have a solid group for the Atlantic Division, but everything went wrong

Goulip said...

I meant Central division of course!
Was watching hockey results at the same time =)