Sunday, November 27, 2011

Softbank 9, Samsung 0

W - Yamada, L - Lee Woo-sun
Softbank HR - None
Samsung HR - None

Erm, yeah. I knew that Samsung was in trouble when I saw that Samsung went with Lee Woo-sun as their starter. I guess Cha Woo-chan and Yoon Seong-hwan wer being saved for the final, but we couldn't do any better than this?

Samsung looked awful on the mound and worse in the field. Every ground ball found a hole and every line drive found space in the outfield. Softbank basically ran the Lions out of the park once they got on base. Softbank stole seven bases during the affair.

Lee Woo-sun was battered and yanked in the second inning. He was responsible for three of the runs allowed. 28 year old warm body Lee Dong-geol didn't fare much better. I follow the Lions as closely as any non-Korean person can, but I've never heard of this guy. He stuck around for 3 2/3 innings, but was knocked around for five more runs.

Samsung didn't do much at the plate and most of the starters were pulled before the ninth inning .

Samsung has to win against Taiwain to earn themselves a spot in the final against the same Softbank Hawks.


Goulip said...

Too bad they didn't take this seriously. They don't have many opportunities to play against better teams, but they send their B pitching squad...

westbaystars said...

SoftBank is also less their two main aces, Sugiuchi and Wada. Both are free agents (domestic and international respectively) and have been left behind to work on what they're going to do next season. So Samsung isn't the only team sending "warm bodies" to the Asia Series this year.

Simon said...

These junk games just make me miss the regular season all the more, KBO and the MLB. Baseball over everything!