Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cha Woo-chan's European Backpacking Trip

Most baseball fans are excited about all the free agency movement that's been happening in Korea and everywhere else. More important than that, in my opinion, is the news of KBO players and their backpacking adventures in Europe.

Samsung Lions lefty Cha Woo-chan's the latest person in Korean baseball or otherwise to partake in this rite of passage of non-Europeans, to put on a backpack (like Kevin Durant) and go to Europe.

Declaring that he needed to "recharge his batteries," Mr. Cha "haphazardly" hopped on a plane to an undisclosed European location (seems to be Switzerland) with his backpack on the 3rd of December for a 2 week long excursion through the European Union. "This is my first holiday, I'm going to a place where I have never been before and I am happy and anxious," said Cha as he took off.

Cha has been feeling a little under the weather since winning the Korean Series. He missed his team's Asian Series win in Taiwan (described below) and he has been feeling a little upset about it. It's no matter though, he's looking more towards next season with the Lions.

The article reports he's felt a little anxiety.

So, Cha is off to Europe for some backpacking. He has an older brother in Switzerland, so he'll check some of Switzerland out. He actually doesn't know where he'll be going or sleeping when he's not at his brother's pad in Switzerland.

Cha's a bit nervous about going to Europe. The article here says he feels a little "scared." He's worried about stuff like language issues. But he's determined to go because he doesn't know when he can do it again. (How about next offseason?)

Anyway, Cha's happy to be taking this trip and he'll be at Samsung's first stage pre-season training when he gets back.

Cha wants to be the ace of the Lions staff next season and he knows just how to do it. 15 wins, sub 3 ERA, and running hard.

Have a great backpacking trip Mr. Cha and I hope you meet a lot of great people there!


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