Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jeong Dae-hyeon Finally Chooses, Park Chan-ho Allowed to Play

Jeong Dae-hyeon decided not to make the jump to the Baltimore Orioles and inked a four-year deal with the Lotte Giants. He'll likely assume the ninth inning duties for Lotte next year.

Also, it was ruled that Park Chan-ho will be eligible to pitch next year for Hanhwa. The rule had been that players who went overseas prior to 1999 were subject to the draft. Park would have had to wait until the 2012 draft in August before being eligible, but the rule was waived so Park can play next season. He's now free to negotiate with the Hanhwa Eagles. His contract should be taken care of fairly quickly and it wouldn't be a shock to see him sign before the weekend.

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