Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lose and Get More $ / Car Accident = No Problem

Osen reports Nexen Heroes "Beautiful Flower Man" (꽃미남) starter with a very bad record Shim Soo-chang (28G, 2-13, 5.01) received a 116% wage bump yesterday. His salary went from ₩30,000,000 in 2011 to a reported ₩65,000,000 in 2012.

Shim showed stellar upswing in 2011 in comparison to his 2010 season, improving his wins total by 200% (0 wins in 2010 to 2 wins in 2011). He also shaved an impressive 34% from his 2010 ERA (7.57 to 5.01).

Actually, Shim was with LG at the beginning of 2011 and he was paid 30 mil because of his poor record the year before. He was supposed to make 70 but he only got 30. This was how it was spelled out in his LG contract.

Of course our main man was traded to the Heroes in August of last year and Nexen is a lot cooler with its players. Unnamed Nexen official is quoted as saying that they believe in this "Beautiful Flower Man" (꽃미남) starter with a very bad record and they're sure he'll rebound in 2012.

Says Mr. Shim: "I'm glad my talents are recognized and I thank the organization. I'll try harder next year." And he's feeling "light hearted" (홀가분하다).

Says the writer of the Korean article: "you repay getting a raise in a bad team by improving your record."

Car Accident = No Problem

Samsung Lions returnee and washed up baseball legend Lee Seung-yup got so excited about the prospects of hitting for the blue and white again that he crashed his "Benz" near Suseonggyo in Daegu facing "Banwordang." Anyway, our main man was waiting to turn a left when an Avante rear ended Lee.

This area "Banwordang" is a pretty cool part of Daegu. This area was the site of the first Korean set up department store in Daegu in the 30's. This was during the Japanese colonial era and the Japanese had set up a couple department stores in the city before. But this was the first by the Koreans.

Anyway, Lee got an MRI and he was A-OK.


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