Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Headlines: April 11, 2012

All April 10 (Tuesday games) were canceled because of rain.

There's a big argument going on right now about granting the expansion NC Soft Dinos entry into what is called "1 Goon" (1군), which is the top level teams in Korean pro baseball (the 8 current teams of the KBO). Heads from teams are giving their opinions and Lotte's owners are most opposed to the expansion.

The Dinos were expected to join the KBO in 2013. It was planned for them to play in the second tier "Future's League," a minor league for the KBO, also called "2 Goon" (2군) this season.

Opening Day of the Future's League was yesterday, but only 2 of the 5 games managed to be played because of the rain. NC's opening series is against Nexen's Future's League team and they will begin play today (April 11) after their first game was rained out. NC makes their home debut in their Masan stadium against Lotte's minor league team this Saturday.

Future's League schedule can be found here (use an online translator if you can't read Korean):

Injured Kia Tigers import Horacio Ramirez is expected to be on Kia's roster for this month. KBO teams are vicious with their imports. Many hit the skies in the infamous "plane ride of shame" for under performing or for any other reason. Ramirez is nursing a shoulder injury and Manager Sun Dong-yul is quoted as saying that they want to see what kind of pitcher he will be and that there will be no guarantees they can get another better pitcher.

Chan-ho's debut will be determined by what happens in today's (April 11th) game. That's what the title of this article says. The article also describes how it's not decided when he will pitch. Manager Han Dae-hwa says that he has to announce his pitcher the day before the games, so he'll announce when Chan-ho pitches the day before the game. But he did say it will probably be this week.

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